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Saw Microtome, Leica SP1600


  • Function/capability:
    • For sectioning hard samples, e.g.
      • Decalcified or undecalcified, embedded or unembedded bone, with or without implants
      • Teeth with or without implants
      • Mineralogical samples, ceramics and porcelain
      • Glass-fibre reinforced plastics
    • Internal-hole saw (280 μm thin) is diamond coated and rotates horizontally at a speed of approximately 600 rpm. An annular triple frame ensures outstanding stability
    • The saw's small thickness of 280 μm ensures a relatively little material loss
    • The specimen is drawn towards the saw by a spring which can be adjusted according to the different degree of specimen hardness
    • A built-in water cooling prevents overheating of the sample and caries the saw dust away
  • Research projects:
    • Effect of calcium phosphate lozenges on enamel lesions: an in vitro study. (Dr. Miko YW Ng)
    • Demineralization and remineralization of premolar in vitro. (Prof. Edward CM Lo, Dr. Zhi Qing Hui)
    • In vitro remineralisation potential of fluoride products. (Dr. Sakshi BUCKERY)
    • Remineralisation. (Dr. Vaishnavi Lekshmi GORALAKRISHNAN)
    • Fiber post push out strength. (Dr. LIANG Hai Chiung, Helen)
    • Bone healing around titanium dental implants in irradiated bone. (Dr. LI Junyuan)
    • Enamel remineralization from various fluoride concentrations and frequency of uses of fluoride milk an in vitro pH cycling study. (Dr. Kristine ONGTENGLO)
    • To check microtensile force of bond strength. (Dr. Prajakta PATIL)
    • Ferrule height and its leakage pattern. (Dr. Irwan SOO)
  • Recent publications:
    • Kumar VL., Itthagarun A., King NM., The effect of casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate on remineralization of artificial caries-like lesions: an in vitro study. Aust Dent J. (2008) 53(1): 34-40
  • Related information sources:
    • PPDH 7/F HT Lab
    • http://www.leica-microsystems.com/products/histology-systems/sectioning/saw-microtome/details/product/leica-sp1600/

Technician responsible: Mr. Chui Ying Yip