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China/Global Collaborations

Peking University School of Stomatology (北京大学口腔医学院) (1994 ~)

Honorary / Visiting Appointment

Lim K. Cheung

Guest Professor (2001 - present)

E.F. Corbet

Guest Professor (2001 - present)

Urban Hägg

Guest Professor (1994 - present)
L.J. Jin Guest Associate Professor (2002 - present)
Supervision of HKU Research/Taught postgraduate Students
M.G. Botelho Principal Supervisor of Lou Ya-Li - PhD (2005-present)

Lim K. Cheung

Principal Supervisor of Shi Xiao-Jian - PhD (2008)
E.F. Corbet

Co-supervisor of Sun Qiang - MDS (1999)

Urban Hägg

Principal Supervisor of Xu Bao-Hua - PDipDS (1993)
Principal Supervisor of Zhou Yan-Heng - AdvDipOrth (1997)

L.J. Jin

Supervisor of Sun Qiang - MDS (1999)
Principal Supervisor of Li Xiao - PhD (2006-present)

Edward C.M. Lo

Principal supervisor of Rong Wen-Sheng - PhD (2004)
Principal Supervisor of Liu Bao-Ying - PhD (2007-present)

Anne S. McMillan Co-supervisor of Lou Ya-Li - PhD (2005-present)
Principal Supervisor of Zheng Jun - PhD (2005-present)
A.B.M. Rabie

Principal Supervisor of Deng Yu-Meng - PDipDS (1994)
Principal Supervisor of Gu Yan - PhD (1999)
Co-supervisor of Song Yang - PhD (2005-present)
Co-supervisor of Zhou Yan-Heng - AdvDipOrth (1997)

L.P. Samaranayake

Principal Supervisor of Shen Song - PhD (2003)
Principal Supervisor of Jin Ye - PhD (2005)

H. Tideman Principal Supervisor of Sun Li - PhD (2003)
M.C.M. Wong Co-supervisor of Zheng Jun - PhD (2005-present)
H.K. Yip

Co-supervisor of Shen Song - PhD (2003)
Co-supervisor of Jin Ye - PhD (2005)

R.W.K. Wong Principal Supervisor of Song Yang - PhD (2005 - present)
Supervision of Research/Taught postgraduate students in Peking University
L.J. Jin Co-supervisor of Kang Jun - PhD (2004)
Research Projects
Lim K. Cheung

Collaboration with Wang X. (1998-2002)
"Distraction osteogenesis of maxillofacial deformities"


E.F. Corbet

Collaboration with Geng S.F. (1996-1998)


  1. "Comparison of reproducibility of measurement probing pocket depths by three different periodontal probes"
  2. "Comparison of intra-examiner reproducibility of probing pocket depths by three different periodontal probes"
Urban Hägg

Collaboration with Xu T. (2003-present)
"Growth modification in Class II treatment multi-centre study"


Dr L.J. Jin

Collaboration with Kang J., Sha Y.Q. and Cao C.F. (2001-2004)
"Studies on systemic administration of Gu Chi Wan (TCM) as an adjunct to non-surgical treatment of human periodontitis"

Collaboration with Geng S.F., Ou-Yang X.Y. and Cao C.F. (1996-1998)
"Soluble ICAM-I in serum of subjects with healthy, adult periodontitis and rapidly progress periodontitis"

Collaboration with Geng S.F. (1996-1997)
"Comparison of the reproducibility of probing pocket depth measurements using two manual and one automated periodontal probe"

Collaboration with Ou-Yang X.Y., Geng S.F., and Cao C.F. (1996 - 1997)
"IgG antibody subclass response to Porphyromonas gingivalis in rapidly progressive periodontitis and adult periodontitis"

H.K. Yip

Collaboration with Li Yuquin and Hu Jianying (1996-present)
"Use of glass ionomer cements in dental patients with irradiation caries"

Collaboration with Wang Weijin (2003-present)

  1. "A Two-centre study of the use of Cario L-Pop test"
  2. "A questionnaire survey of dentists response to SARS outbreaks in Beijing and Hong Kong"
  3. "A comparative study of the dental anxiety and behavioural index of university students from medical, dental and engineering in Peking, Tsing Hua University, The University of Hong Kong"