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China/Global Collaborations

School of Stomatology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (上海交通大学口腔医学院) (1994 ~ )

  Honorary / Visiting Appointment
  Lim K. Cheung Guest Associate Professor
  Urban Hägg

Honorary Professor (1996 - present)


P.R.H. Newsome

Honorary Research Associate (2004)

  A.B.M. Rabie

Visiting Professor (1999 - present)

  Nabil Samman

Guest Professor (1998 - present)

  Supervision of Research/Taught postgraduate students in HKU
  Urban Hägg Principal Supervisor of You Qin-Ling - AdvDipOrth (1997)
Principal Supervisor of Shen Gang - PhD (2000)
Co-supervisor of Tang Guo-Hua - PhD (2004)
  E.C.M. Lo Co-Supervisor of Lu Hai-Xia - PhD (2005-present)
  A.B.M. Rabie

Principal Supervisor of Tang Guo-Hua - PhD (2004)
Co-supervisor of Shen Gang - PhD (2000)

  H. Tideman Principal Supervisor of Xia Jiong, James - PhD (1999)
  M.C.M. Wong Principal Supervisor of Lu Hai-Xia - PhD (2005-present)
  Research Projects
  Lim K. Cheung Collaboration with Shen Guo Fang (1998-2002)
"Distraction osteogenesis of maxillofacial deformities"
  E.F. Corbet

Collaboration with Yang Y.Z. (1996-1998)
"The study of treatment response compared with moderate-advanced periodontitis with and without diabetes mellitus"

  Urban Hägg

Collaboration with Shen G. (2003-present)
"Growth modification in Class II treatment multi-centre study"

  L.J. Jin

Collaboration with Yang Y.Z. (2000-2003)
"Non-surgical periodontal treatment on diabetic Chinese with chronic periodontitis"

  Edward C.M. Lo

Collaboration with Feng Xi-Ping (1999-2002)
"A study on the cost-effectiveness of ART sealants and traditional resin fissure sealants"

  Nabil Samman

Collaboration with Tang Y.S., Zhang C.P. and Shen G.F. (1995-1997)
"Donor site morbidity of free tissue transfer in maxillofacial reconstructive surgery"

  K.Y. Zee

Collaboration with Shu Rong (2001-2003)
"Adjunctive effect of Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of advanced periodontal disease: a randomised controlled clinical trial"