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China/Global Collaborations

West China College of Stomatology, Sichuan University (四川大学华西口腔医学院) (1994 ~ )

Honorary / Visiting Appointment
Gary S.P. Cheung Honorary Associate Professor (2003-present)
Lim K. Cheung Honorary Associate Professor (1996-present)
B.W. Darvell Member of Supervisory Panel for Doctoral Postgraduates of Prosthodontics (Materials) (2002-present)
Urban Hagg Honorary Professor (1998-present)
A.B.M. Rabie Visiting Professor (1999-present)
Nabil Samman Honorary Associate Professor (1996-present)
Supervision of Research/Taught postgraduate students in HKU
B.W. Darvell Co-supervisor of Peng Li - PhD (2003)
Co-Supervisor of Wei Min - PhD (2006-present)
J.E. Dyson Principal Supervisor of Wei Min - PhD (2006-present)
Urban Hägg Principal Supervisor of Du Xi - PhD (1999)
Principal Supervisor of Peng Li - PhD (2003)
Co-supervisor of Zhao Zhi He - AdvDipOrth (1999)
L.J. Jin Principal Supervisor of Loo Tjing-Yung - PhD (2004-present)
W.K. Leung

Principal Supervisor of Chai Lei - PhD (2003-present)

Edward C.M. Lo Principal Supervisor of Xiao Yue - PhD (2005-present)
A.B.M. Rabie

Principal Supervisor of Zhao Zi-He - AdvDipOrth (1999)
Principal Supervisor of Chen Kun - PhD (2006-present)

L.P. Samaranayake

Principal Supervisor of Luo Gang - PhD (1999 - present)
Co-supervisor of Tang Gao-Yan - PhD (2004)

H. Tideman Principal Supervisor of Huang Qin - PhD (2001)
Principal Supervisor of Xia Yuhe - PhD (2002)
R.W.K. Wong Co-Supervisor of Chen Kun - PhD (2006-present)
H.K. Yip Principal Supervisor of Tang Gao-Yan - PhD (2004)
K.Y. Zee Co-supervisor of Chai Lei - PhD (2003-present)
Supervision of Research/Taught postgraduate students in Sichuan University
B.W. Darvell Co-supervisor of Liao Hong-Bing (2003)
H.K. Yip

Co-supervisor of Li Ji-Yao (2001-present)

Research Projects
Urban Hägg Collaboration with Zhao Z. (2003 - present)
"Growth modification in Class II treatment multi-centre study"
Edward C.M. Lo

Collaboration with Hu De-Yu (1996 - 2002)
"Provision of Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART) restorations in Chinese school children"

L.P. Samaranayake Collaboration with Zeng Xin, Nie Minhai and Zhou Min (1997-2000)
"Oral candidiasis in compromised population group"