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China/Global Collaborations

Guanghua School of Stomatology, Sun-Yat-Sen University (中山大学光华口腔医学院) (2003 ~ )

Honorary / Visiting Appointment
Gary S.P. Cheung Visiting Professor (1998-2000)
Lim K. Cheung Honorary Professor (1998-2002)
T.W. Chow Honorary Professor (2002-present)
Frederick C.S. Chu Visiting Associate Professor (2002-2005)
B.W. Darvell Visiting Professor (2002-2005)
Edward C.M. Lo Visiting Professor (2002-present)
P.R.H. Newsome Honorary Professor (2003-2004)
Supervision of Research/Taught postgraduate Students in HKU
Gary S.P. Cheung Principal Supervisor of Wei Xi - MDS (2000)
Co-Supervisor of Liu Pei - PhD (2006-present)
Lim K. Cheung Principal Supervisor of Zhang Qian - PhD (2002)
Principal Supervisor of Zhang Wen-Biao - PhD (2005-present)
B.W. Darvell Principal Supervisor of Chen Zhuo-Fan - PhD (2002)
Principal Supervisor of Wang Yan - PhD (2006)
W.K. Leung Principal Supervisor of Li Jing-ping - PhD (2007-present)
Edward C.M. Lo Principal Supervisor of Lin Huan-Cai - PhD (1999)
Principal Supervisor of Zhi Qing Hui - PhD (2006-present)
Colman McGrath Co-supervisor of Zhu Hai-Wei - PhD (2007)
Co-Supervisor of Liu Pei - PhD (2006-present)
Anne S. McMillan Principal Supervisor of Zhu Hai-Wei - PhD (2007)
Principal Supervisor of Zheng Jun - PhD ( 2004-present)
Principal Supervisor of Liu Pei - PhD (2006-present)
Research Projects
Lim K. Cheung   Collaboration with Ran Wei (2002-2004)
"Resorbable fixation for maxillofacial surgery"

Collaboration with Cheng Ping (1999-2003)
"Fibular distraction"

T.W. Chow
Frederick C.S. Chu

Collaboration (2003-present)
"Porcelain veneers with All Ceram System" 

E.F. Corbet  

Collaboration with Lin Huan-Cai (1995-2000)
"Oral health epidemiological survey of the residents in Guangdong province" 

Edward C.M. Lo   Collaboration with Zhang He Guan and Wang Zi-Jin (1996 - 1997)
"Oral health status, needs, habits and the attitudes towards oral health among southern Chinese"

Collaboration with Lin Huan Cai (1998-2001)
"A community based caries control programme for preschool children"

Collaboration with Lin Huan-Cai (2001-present)
"A model for providing dental care services to primary school children in southern China"