Academic Staff

Jin, Lijian

Professor Jin, Lijian

DDS (Zhejiang Med), MMedSc (Karolinska Inst), PhD (Beijing Med), OdontDr (Karolinska Inst), Hon FDSRCSEd

Title: Modern Dental Laboratory Professor in Clinical Dental Science, Clinical Professor in Periodontology
Discipline area: Periodontology
Tel: 2859 0302
Research profiles: HKU Scholars Hub Scopus Biomedexperts Researcher ID ORCID

Areas of Research Expertise

  1. Molecular mechanisms of periodontal pathogenesis
  2. Genetic markers and biomarkers for periodontal diseases
  3. Periodontal medicine
  4. Traditional Chinese medicine for periodontal treatment
  5. Clinical trials of periodontal care strategies
  6. Defensins in periodontal health and disease

Faculty Research Group

Selected Latest Publications


  1. AB MALIK NB, Mohamad Yatim S, Lam OLT, Jin L & McGrath CPJ. Factors influencing the provision of oral hygiene care following stroke: an application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour. Disability and Rehabilitation 2018;40:889-893. doi:10.1080/09638288.2016.1277397
  2. Liu F, Pelekos G & Jin L. The gingival biotype in a cohort of Chinese subjects with and without history of periodontal disease. Journal of Periodontal Research 2017;52:1004-1010. doi:10.1111/jre.12471
  3. ACHARYA A, Chan YK, Kheur S, Jin L, Watt RM & Mattheos N. Salivary microbiome in non-oral disease: A summary of evidence and commentary. Archives of Oral Biology 2017;83:169-173. doi:10.1007/s12272-015-0635-2
  4. WANG Y, Liu HN, Zhen Z, Yiu KH, Tse HF, Pelekos G, Tonetti M & Jin L. Periodontal treatment modulates gene expression of endothelial progenitor cells in diabetic patients. Journal of Clinical Periodontology 2017;44:1253-1263. doi:10.1111/jcpe.12806
  5. LI M, Zhang C, Jin L, Matsuo K & Yang Y. Porphyromonas gingivalis lipopolysaccharide regulates ephrin/Eph signalling in human periodontal ligament fibroblasts. Journal of Periodontal Research 2017;52:913-921. doi:10.1111/jre.12463
  6. LI X, Luo W, Ng TC, Leung PC, Zhang C, Leung CFK & Jin L. Nanoparticle-encapsulated baicalein markedly modulates pro-inflammatory response in gingival epithelial cells. Nanoscale 2017;9:12897-12907. doi:10.1039/C7NR02546G
  7. LIAO C, Cheng T, WANG S, Zhang C, Jin L & Yang Y. Shear stress inhibits IL-17A-mediated induction of osteoclastogenesis via osteocyte pathways. Bone 2017;101:10-20. doi:10.1016/j.bone.2017.04.003
  8. Chang YY, Cheng T, Yang X, Jin L, Sun H & Li H. Functional disruption of peroxiredoxin by bismuth antiulcer drugs attenuates Helicobacter pylori survival. Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry 2017;22:673-683. doi:10.1007/s00775-017-1452-5
  9. Panduwawala Kankanamalage CPP, Zhan X, Dissanayaka WL, Samaranayake LP, Jin L & Zhang C. In vivo periodontal tissue regeneration by periodontal ligament stem cells and endothelial cells in three-dimensional cell sheet constructs. Journal of Periodontal Research 2017;52:408-418. doi:10.1111/jre.12405
  10. Tonetti M, Jepsen S, Jin L & Otomo-Corgel J. Impact of the global burden of periodontal diseases on health, nutrition and wellbeing of mankind: A call for global action. Journal of Clinical Periodontology 2017;44:456-462. doi:10.1111/jcpe.12732

Books and Chapters

  1. Jin L. Periodontal screening and management: The foundation of general dental practice. In Periodontics: Beyond the pocket.2010,pp.58-65.
  2. Jin LJ. Periodontal infections, systemic inflammation and cardiovascular disease: current evident and perspectives. In In: A perspective of periodontal systemic relationships for the Asian Pacific region, ed. Bartold PM, Ishikawa I, Zhang J;.2008,pp.p.114-121.
  3. Berezow AB, Jin LJ & Darveau RP. The molecular basis of host defense mechanisms in oral disease. In In: Molecular Oral Microbiology. ed. Anthony H. Rogers;.2008,pp.p.237-255.
  4. Jin LJ. Periodontal maintenance therapy. In Clinical Periodontology.2006,pp.362-368.
  5. Jin LJ. Research advances in periodontal etiopathology. In Research advances and clinical practice in periodontics: Bridging the gap.2006,pp.26-38.
  6. Jin LJ. Periodontal medicine. In Clinical Periodontology.2006,pp.221-229.
  7. Jin LJ. Trauma from occlusion and occlusal therapy. In Clinical Periodontology.2006,pp.263-273.
  8. Jin LJ. Editor. In Year Book of Chinese Stomatology.2005,.
  9. Corbet EF & Jin LJ. Periodontal risk assessment and prognosis: Current status & future development - A Perspective From Hong Kong. In: Current trends in periodontal diagnosis, disease recongition and management. In Proceedings of the 5th Asian Pacific Society of Periodontology.2004,pp.67-72.
  10. Jin LJ. Editor. In Year Book of Chinese Stomatology.2004,.

Research Grants

Principal Investigator :

  1. 2014-: Crosstalk of human gingival/oral epithelial cells and monocytes with P. gingivalis/P. gingivalis DNA: Epigenetic regulation and molecular signaling [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD779,429)
  2. 2012-: Nano-encapsulated Chinese herbal extracts as novel immunomodulators and enhancers of innate host defense in human gingiva [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD1,244,865)
  3. 2012-: Mechanism of Antifungal Resistance in Candida Persisters: Roadmap to Unravel Biofilm Resistance? [Health and Medical Research Fund - Full Grant] (HKD965,360)
  4. 2012-: Novel antifungal small molecule for multi-drug resistant Candida: anti-biofilm activity, in vivo efficacy and cellular targets [Health and Medical Research Fund - Full Grant] (HKD935,360)
  5. 2012-: Identification of antifungal molecules from novel probiotic Lactobacillus bacteria for controlling Candida infection [Health and Medical Research Fund - Mini Grant] (HKD80,000)
  6. 2012-: Antifungal resistance and virulence attributes of Candida bloodstream isolates derived from Hong Kong [Health and Medical Research Fund - Mini Grant] (HKD80,000)
  7. 2011-: Effects of chronic periodontitis on endothelial progenitor cells: Molecular mechanisms and clinical implications [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD790,000)
  8. 2010-: Research Output Prize (Faculty of Dentistry) [Research Output Prize (in Faculty)] (HKD120,000)
  9. 2009-2011: Modulation of innate immune responses in human gingiva by P. gingivalis lipopolysaccharide with lipid A heterogeneity  Novel molecular mechanisms and clinical implications [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD755,760)
  10. 2009-2012: A clinical investigation on the association of periodontal disease with endothelial biomarkers and dysfunction [Small Project Funding] (HKD72,000)

Co-Investigator :

  1. 2014-: A randomized controlled trial of a laser-aided orthodontic treatment for patients with periodontitis [Health and Medical Research Fund - Full Grant] (HKD865,444) (with YANG Yan-Qi et al)
  2. 2014-: Does inflammation affect periodontal cell communication through Eph-ephrin under mechanical loading? [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD606,223) (with YANG Yan-Qi et al)
  3. 2013-: Engineering human dental pulp tissues using prevascularized microtissue spheroids constructed by dental pulp stem cells and gene-modified endothelial cells [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD1,128,000) (with ZHANG Chengfei et al)
  4. 2013-: Lipoteichoic acid (LTA) of pathogenic Enterococcus faecalis modulates the functional characteristics of osteoblasts and osteoclasts [Health and Medical Research Fund - Full Grant] (HKD765,000) (with ZHANG Chengfei et al)
  5. 2012-2013: Bacterial and inflammatory attributes for voice disorders in adult females [Small Project Funding] (HKD36,763) (with et al)
  6. 2012-2012: Periodontal pathogens inhibit endothelial healing: novel evidence of inflammation in atherosclerosis [Small Project Funding] (HKD36,800) (with LI, Xiao et al)
  7. 2011-2012: Synergistic effects of endothelial progenitor cells and apical papilla stem cells on dental pulp regeneration [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD493,000) (with ZHANG Chengfei et al)
  8. 2010-2011: Cross-talk of host oral epithelial cells with commensal and pathogenic bacteria [Seed Funding Programme for Basic Research] (HKD120,000) (with C. Jayampath Seneviratne et al)
  9. 2009-2011: Dentin-pulp complex and periodontal tissues regeneration in root canal perforation by the stem cells from the apical papilla and periodontal ligament. [Seed Funding Programme for Basic Research] (HKD120,000) (with ZHANG Chengfei et al)
  10. 2009-2010: Phosphoproteomics of Candida hyphal formation [Small Project Funding] (HKD80,000) (with C. Jayampath Seneviratne et al)

Honours and Awards

  1. Award for Professional Exchange & Collaboration, Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of CSA Chinese Stomatological Association (CSA), September, 2016. 2016. Jin L.
  2. 2016 IADR/AADR William J. Gies Award for Biomaterials and Bioengineering Research IADR/AADR. 2016. Dissanayaka WL, ZHU L, Hargreaves KM, Jin L & Zhang C.
  3. Distinguished Service Award The International Association for Dental Research (IADR) - Southeast Asian Division, June 2016. 2016. Jin L.
  4. 2016 Journal of Endodontics Awards, the best articles published in JOE during the 2015 calendar year . 2016. Dissanayaka WL, ZHU L, Hargreaves KM, Jin L & Zhang C.
  5. Best poster award Salivary Research Group, International Association for Dental Research. 2016. JIANG S, Gao X, Jin L & Lo ECM.
  6. Research Output Award - Faculty of Dentistry 2016 . 2015. Dissanayaka WL, Zhang C & Jin L.
  7. 2012 International Association for Dental Research (IADR) - South East Asia Division /Unilever Hatton Divisional Award (Senior category), Hong Kong (Primary Supervisor for Ms. H.J. Li, a PhD student) IADR - Southeast Asian Division. 2012. LI H, Seneviratne CJ, Wang CY & Jin L.
  8. Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2012 University of Hong Kong. 2012. Lo ECM, Seneviratne CJ, Gao X, Jin L, Samaranayake LP & Bridges SM.
  9. 2012 International Association for Dental Research (IADR)/Colgate Research in Prevention Travel Award, Iguaçu, Brazil (Co- supervisor for Mr. W.L. Dissanayaka, a PhD student) IADR. 2012. Dissanayaka WL, Zhang C, Hargreaves KM & Jin L.
  10. 2012 International Association for Dental Research (IADR)/Colgate Research in Prevention Travel Award, Iguaçu, Brazil (Primary Supervisor for Dr. P.H. Ding, a PhD student) IADR. 2012. Ding P, Darveau RP, Wang CY & Jin L.


  1. Editorial Board Member (Journal of Clinical Periodontology) 2011
  2. Editorial Board Member (2010.1- 2012.12) (Journal of Dental Research) 2010
  3. Associate Editor (2009 - present) (Journal of Investigative & Clinical Dentistry) 2009
  4. Editorial Board Member (International Dental Journal) 2008
  5. Editorial Board Member (Journal of Periodontal Research) 2008
  6. Associate Editor (Prosthodontic Research & Practice (Japan)) 2007
  7. Editorial Board Member (Asian Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery) 2007
  8. Member of Editorial Advisory Board (Journal of Periodontology) 2007
  9. Deputy Editor (Hong Kong Dental Journal) 2007
  10. Editorial Board Member (overseas) (Chinese Journal of Dental Research) 2007

Additional Academic Appointments

  1. Visiting Professor. Sun Yat-Sen University Guanghua College of Stomatology, Guangzhou, China, May 15, 2008 2008
  2. Honorary Professor. Wenzhou Medical School, Institute of Stomatology, Wenzhou, China, November 2007 2007
  3. Honorary Professor, Wenzhou Medical College, Institute of Stomatology, Wenzhou, China. Wenzhou Medical College, Institute of Stomatology, Wenzhou, China, November 2007 2007
  4. Honorary Professor, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Hangzhou, China, December 2005.. Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Hangzhou, China 2005
  5. Honorary Professor. Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Hangzhou, China, December 2005. 2005
  6. Guest Associate Professor. Peking University School of Stomatology 2002
  7. Guest Associate Professor, Stomatological College. Hubei Medical University, Wuhan, China 2000

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