Academic Staff

Lo, Edward Chin Man

Professor Lo, Edward Chin Man

BDS, MDS, PhD (HK), FHKAM (Dental Surgery), FCDSHK(Com Dent)

Title: Tam Wah-Ching Professor in Dental Science, Chair Professor of Dental Public Health
Discipline area: Dental Public Health
Tel: 2859 0292
Research profiles: HKU Scholars Hub Scopus Biomedexperts Researcher ID ORCID

Areas of Research Expertise

  1. Epidemiology of oral diseases
  2. Prevention and treatment of dental decay (clinical trials)
  3. Oral health care services, human resources, and utilisation of services

Faculty Research Group

Selected Latest Publications


  1. ZHAO S, Mei L, Li Q, Lo ECM & Chu CH. Arresting simulated dentine caries with adjunctive application of silver nitrate solution and sodium fluoride varnish: an in vitro study. International Dental Journal 2017;67:206-214. doi:10.1111/idj.12291
  2. YU Y, ZHAO S, Mei L, Lo ECM & Chu CH. A Review of the Common Models Used in Mechanistic Studies on Demineralization-Remineralization for Cariology Research. Dentistry Journal 2017;5:20. doi:10.3390/dj5020020
  3. YU Y, ZHAO S, Mei L, Lo ECM & Chu CH. Dental Biofilm and Laboratory Microbial Culture Models for Cariology Research. Dentistry Journal 2017;5:21. doi:10.3390/dj5020021
  4. Cui T, Lin H, Lo ECM, Tao Y, Zhou Y & Zhi Q. Randomized clinical trial on the efficacy of electric and manual toothbrushes in plaque removal and gingivitis control in visually impaired school students. General Dentistry 2017;48:6. doi:10.3290/j.qi.a38126
  5. Zhang SN, Lo ECM & Chu CH. Occlusal Features and Caries Experience of Hong Kong Chinese Preschool Children: A Cross-Sectional Study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2017;14:621. doi:10.3390/ijerph14060621
  6. DAI R, Lam OLT, Lo ECM, Li L & McGrath CPJ. A randomized clinical trial of oral hygiene care programmes during stroke rehabilitation. Journal of Dentistry 2017;61:48-54. doi:10.1016/j.jdent.2017.04.001
  7. Zhao IS, Gao SS, Hiraishi N, Burrow MF, Duangthip D, Mei L, Lo ECM & Chu CH. Mechanisms of silver diamine fluoride on arresting caries: a literature review. International Dental Journal 2017;. doi:10.1111/idj.12320
  8. Duangthip D, GAO S, Lo ECM & Chu CH. Early childhood caries among 5- to 6-year-old children in Southeast Asia. International Dental Journal 2017;67:98-106. doi:10.1111/idj.12261
  9. GONG T, Heng BCA, XU J, Zhu S, YUAN C, Lo ECM & Chen Q. Decellularized extracellular matrix of human umbilical vein endothelial cells promotes endothelial differentiation of stem cells from exfoliated deciduous teeth. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A 2017;105:1083-1093. doi:10.1002/jbm.a.36003
  10. Liu J, Wong MCM & Lo ECM. Development of Oral Health Impacts on Daily Living Questionnaire Items - a Qualitative Study. The Chinese Journal of Dental Research 2017;20:79-88. doi:10.3290/j.cjdr.a38272

Books and Chapters

  1. Lo ECM, Fung HTM, Pang HH, Chan HT, Chiu HHC, Kwok VYT, Law YT, Loo LE, Tang HY, Tsui TY & Wong TF. Outreach dental care service to Hong Kong adults with visual impairment. In Community Health Project Report Series.2072017,pp.1-34.
  2. Lo ECM, Chan SYR, Kwok MKV, Lai YYM, Lew KJR, Liu CYD, Mak PYC, Pu JYJ & Tsang NCW. Musculoskeletal disorder in Hong Kong dental students. In Community Health Project Report Series.2082017,pp.1-31.
  3. Lo ECM, Chan DHC, Chan TY, Cheung S, Ho CY, Lai CYK, Lee CY, Lee SW, Mak YC, So YC & Wong JDC. Hong Kong dentists' preparedness for medical emergency in dental clinics. In Community Health Project Report Series.2002016,pp.1-38.
  4. Lo ECM, Pang HH, Fung MHT, Chan JNY, Chan WS, Chung CK, Lam PM, Lau MTW, Lee K & Ng RCK. Bridging dentistry and traditional Chinese medicine: A study on the current mutual understanding among the future practitioners. In Community Health Project Report Series.1982015,pp.1-54.
  5. Lo ECM, Pang HH, Chau JMH, Chiu ECY, Fok CTC, Hoo ECM, Hung CCY, Lee JMC, Wang CR, Wong EHC & Yim KHW. Dental care programme for Hong Kong secondary school students - parents' choices and willingness to pay. In Community Health Project Report Series.1892014,pp.1-26.
  6. Lo ECM, Pang H, Chan LC, Ho DYH, Ko MSK, Liu YMY, Mok TYO, Sou SKH, Wong D, Wong COT & Yung KKH. THE PURSUIT OF BRIGHT SMILE - tooth whitening among Hong Kong young adults. In Community Health Project Report Series.1862013,pp.1-51.
  7. Lo ECM, Pang H, Wong AHH, Chan CK, Kwok CY, Lee CTY, Ling BHT, Lo KY, Sum HFH, Tso SH, Wong WL & Yip SS. Desperate Housewives - Dilemma in Selecting Oral Hygiene Products. In Community Health Project Report Series.1802012,pp.1-38.
  8. Lo ECM, Wong AHH, Chan CH, Chong A, Lam CF, Lau MTS, Leung CH, Lo CW, Szeto WM & Tam C. A comparative study on the effects of providing customized versus conventional oral hygiene instructions to visually impaired adults. In Community Health Project Report Series.1792012,pp.1-34.
  9. Bridges SM, Yiu CKY, Botelho MG, Tsang PCS, McGrath CPJ, Lo ECM & Samaranayake LP. e-Learning for problem-based learning at the Faculty of Dentistry. In The New era of e-Learning: Mobile Learnig and Interactive Class for the New Curriculum.2012,pp.148-157.
  10. Lo ECM, Pang HH, Wong AHH, Chan VSM, Cheng CH, Choi HC, Ji C, Kam OM, Lai PM, Lee CM, Leung YT & Ng WM. The prevalence and prevention of sports-related dental trauma in Hong Kong Adolescents. In Community Health Project Report Series.1712011,pp.1-60.

Research Grants

Principal Investigator :

  1. 2012-: Randomized clinical trial on preventing and arresting dental root surface caries using silver diamine fluoride solution in community-dwelling older adults [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD890,000)
  2. 2011-2013: Promotion of oral health through behavioural changes using motivational interview [Small Project Funding] (HKD49,331)
  3. 2010-2013: Effectiveness of training in parental toothbrushing and fluoride varnish in preventing early childhood caries [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD755,760)
  4. 2009-: Community dental care service for disadvantaged population groups [S.K. Yee Medical Foundation - General Award] (HKD1,330,000)
  5. 2008-2010: A randomized controlled trial on the effectiveness of fissure sealant and topical fluoride application in preventing dental caries [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD638,246)
  6. 2007-: Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award 2006-2007 [Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award] (HKD25,000)
  7. 2007-2008: A comparative study on the cost-effectiveness of four methods in preventing fissure caries in permanent teeth [Small Project Funding] (HKD63,020)
  8. 2005-2007: A randomized clinical trial of two innovative methods in treating tooth decay in young children [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD823,920)
  9. 2005-2007: A randomized clinical trial of two innovative methods in treating tooth decay in young children [Merit Award for RGC GRF Funded Projects] (HKD50,000)
  10. 2002-2005: Prevention and treatment of root surface dental caries in Hong Kong elderly [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD622,572)

Co-Investigator :

  1. 2015-2015: A proof of concept for all-ceramic Zirconia resin bonded bridges for short span missing teeth [Seed Funding Programme for Basic Research] (HKD43,000) (with BOTELHO Michael G et al)
  2. 2015-2017: Motivational interviewing in changing adolescents' oral health behaviors: Face-to-face individual counseling versus online groups [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD739,125) (with GAO Jennifer Xiaoli et al)
  3. 2015-2018: Novel use of 2-unit cantilever resin-bonded bridges for replacing missing molar teeth – a randomized clinical tria [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD689,351) (with BOTELHO Michael G et al)
  4. 2014-: Effectiveness of silver diamine fluoride in arresting dental caries in preschool children: a randomized clinical trial with different periodicity and concentration [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD649,524) (with CHU Chun Hung et al)
  5. 2014-: Family-centered oral health promotion for new parents and their infants: a randomized controlled trial [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD822,731) (with WONG May C M et al)
  6. 2013-: Motivational interviewing and interactive risk assessment in changing adolescents' oral health behaviours [Health and Medical Research Fund - Full Grant] (HKD765,692) (with GAO Jennifer Xiaoli et al)
  7. 2013-: Effect of silver and fluoride ions on artificial caries lesion formation in dentine [Small Project Funding] (HKD58,434) (with LAM, Baoying et al)
  8. 2013-2015: Innovative Interventions to Elicit Positive Dental Health Behaviors in Preschool Children: a Randomized Controlled Trial [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD925,752) (with GAO Jennifer Xiaoli et al)
  9. 2012-: Oral Health Promotion for and through Indonesian Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong [Health Care and Promotion Fund - Research Grant Projects] (HKD255,000) (with GAO Jennifer Xiaoli et al)
  10. 2012-: Effects of silver diamine fluoride and carbon dioxide laser on root caries with cariogenic biofilm challenge in artificial mouthnd [Seed Funding Programme for Basic Research] (HKD72,300) (with CHU Chun Hung et al)

Honours and Awards

  1. IADR Distinguished Scientist Award, Geriatric Oral Research International Association for Dental Research (IADR). 2016. Lo ECM.
  2. Best poster award Salivary Research Group, International Association for Dental Research. 2016. JIANG S, Gao X, Jin L & Lo ECM.
  3. IADR Cariology Award Group Winner at the 94th general session of IADR, Seuol, South Korea The International Association of Dental Research. 2016. Chu CH, Fung HTM, Lo ECM, Wong MCM & Duangthip D.
  4. Research Output Prize University of Hong Kong. 2016. Cao Y, Mei L, Li Q, Lo ECM & Chu CH.
  5. Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2014 The University of Hong Kong. 2014. Gao X, Lo ECM & McGrath CPJ.
  6. Outstanding Teaching Award (OTA) Team "PBL 2.0: E-learning for Problem-based Learning (PBL) at the Faculty of Dentistry" The University of Hong Kong Teaching Excellence Award Scheme(2012). 2013. Bridges SM, Yiu CKY, Botelho MG, Lo ECM, Tsang PCS, Watt RM, Yang Y & Wong JW.
  7. FDI Poster Award in the theme of Preventive Dentistry FDI World Dental Federation. 2012. Liu B, Lo ECM, Chu CH & Lin CH.
  8. FDI Poster Award in the theme of Dental Treatment and Restorative Dentistry FDI World Dental Federation. 2012. Cao Y, Li QL, Lo ECM & Chu CH.
  9. FDI Poster Award (overall best poster) FDI World Dental Federation. 2012. Liu B, Lo ECM, Chu CH & Lin CH.
  10. Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2012 University of Hong Kong. 2012. Lo ECM, Seneviratne CJ, Gao X, Jin L, Samaranayake LP & Bridges SM.


  1. Associate editor (International Dental Journal) 2015
  2. Editorial board member (Gerodontology) 2012
  3. Associate editor (Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry) 2011
  4. Editorial board member (Journal of Dental Research) 2008
  5. Editorial board member (Journal of Applied Oral Science) 2007
  6. (Oral epidemiology) 2005
  7. Editorial board member (Oral Health and Preventive Dentistry) 2003

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