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McGrath, Colman Patrick

Professor McGrath, Colman Patrick

BA, BDentSc (Hons) (Dub), MEd (UNE, Australia), FDSRCS (Eng), DDPHRCS (Eng), MSc (Eng), FFDRCS (Ire), PhD (Eng)

Title: Clinical Professor in Dental Public Health
Discipline area: Dental Public Health
Tel: 2859 0513
Research profiles: HKU Scholars Hub Scopus Biomedexperts Researcher ID ORCID

Areas of Research Expertise

  1. Social impact of oral health and oral health quality of life
  2. Impact of society on oral health and oral health inequalities
  3. Research in dental education

Faculty Research Group

Selected Latest Publications


  1. DAI R, Lam OLT, Lo ECM, Li L & McGrath CPJ. A randomized clinical trial of oral hygiene care programmes during stroke rehabilitation. Journal of Dentistry 2017;61:48-54. doi:10.1016/j.jdent.2017.04.001
  2. AB MALIK NB, ZHANG J, Lam OLT, Jin L & McGrath CPJ. Effectiveness of computer-aided learning in oral health among patients and caregivers: a systematic review. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 2017;24(1):209-217. doi:10.1093/jamia/ocw045
  3. Wong HM, Peng SM, Yang Y, King NM & McGrath CPJ. Tooth eruption and obesity in 12-year-old children. Journal of Dental Sciences 2017;:12: 126-132. doi:10.1016/j.jds.2016.10.004
  4. Wong HM, Bridges SM, McGrath CPJ, Yiu CKY, Zayts OA & Au TKF. Impact of Prominent Themes in Clinician-Patient Conversations on Caregiver’s Perceived Quality of Communication with Paediatric Dental Visits. PLOS ONE 2017;12:e0169059. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0169059
  5. Wen Z, McGrath CPJ & Lo ECM. Effectiveness of DIAGNOdent in Detecting Root Caries Without Dental Scaling Among Community-dwelling Elderly. Oral Health and Preventive Dentistry 2016;14:555-561. doi:10.3290/j.ohpd.a37140
  6. Wong HM, Wen YF, King NM & McGrath CPJ. Longitudinal changes in developmental defects of enamel. Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology 2016;:44(3):255-62.. doi:10.1111/cdoe.12213
  7. Gu M, McGrath CPJ, Hagg EUO, Wong RWK & Yang Y. Anatomy Of The Upper Airway And Its Growth In Childhood. Journal Of Dentistry And Oral Biology 2016;Volume 1, Issue 1, 2016:1-3.
  8. Wong HM, Peng S, Wen YF & McGrath CPJ. A population survey of early factors associated with permanent tooth emergence: findings from a prospective cohort study. Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology 2016;:44: 467-475. doi:10.1111/cdoe.12236
  9. REN C, McGrath CPJ, Jin L, Zhang C & Yang Y. Effect of diode low-level lasers on fibroblasts derived from human periodontal tissue: a systematic review of in vitro studies.. Lasers Med Sci 2016;. doi:10.1007/s10103-016-2026-4
  10. Lee HMG, McGrath CPJ & Yiu CKY. Developing clinical practice guidelines for caries prevention and management for pre-school children through the ADAPTE process and Delphi consensus. Health Research Policy and Systems 2016;14:44. doi:10.1186/s12961-016-0117-0

Books and Chapters

  1. McGrath CPJ, Chan C, Keung WYC, Lam OCB, Luo LY, Man A, Poon PH, Tang SY & Yu KCY. Human and Animal Oral Health - are they related?. In Community Health Project Report Series.2062017,pp.1-49.
  2. McGrath CPJ, Chen BPC, Chin HM, Hung KLE, Lee EY, Leung CH, Man LHA, Ngai P, Tsang KD & Wong TY. Oral Health Survey and Service for Children and Adolescents in Residential Care. In Community Health Project Report Series.2092017,pp.1-45.
  3. McGrath CPJ, Cheung HT, Hui LWC, Lam HW, Lam MY, Lee YY, Lin KK, Mak NHY & Wong WH. Oral Health and Healthy Ageing in the Hong Kong context. In Community Health Project Report Series.2032016,pp.1-45.
  4. McGrath CPJ, Chick KM, Fu HL, Lee SCY, Luk ST, Ng BYK, Ming AHH, Wong EHS, Yeung KC & Yung MC. Is acupuncture effective in controlling gagging when taking an alginate impression?. In Community Health Project Report Series.2022016,pp.1-48.
  5. McGrath CPJ, Au KY, Cheung HC, Chung SM, Lai CF, Leung JKK, Leung YF, Ng YC, Wah JYS & Wong CL. Effectiveness of a denture hygiene intervention programme among institutionalized elders. In Community Health Project Report Series.1942015,pp.1-67.
  6. McGrath CPJ, Chan WK, Chu RJDH, Fung KKW, Law YW, Lee TCS, Mak CH, Tam KM, Wong DWK & Wu CH. Is 'Oil Pulling' a 'Snake Oil'? - A clinical trial. In Community Health Project Report Series.1972015,pp.1-58.
  7. McGrath CPJ. Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) for implant dentistry and oral tissue regeneration. In Osteology Guidelines for Oral & Maxillofacial Regeneration - Clnical Research.2014,pp.89-96.
  8. McGrath CPJ, Chan YD, Choi JYC, Ho KL, Kueh SLL, Lai GCH, Lee HH, Lee NAPY, Liu CH & Ng NYL. Dental tourism in Hong Kong: Perils or Pearls?. In Community Health Project Report Series.1902014,pp.1-56.
  9. McGrath CPJ, Choy RKY, Lam KL, Lee KY, Lei KW, Liu BYT, Pek JXY, Poon YT, Siu BKB & Tse CL. The eye of the beholder: Social judgements of oral health. In Community Health Project Report Series.1912014,pp.1-66.
  10. McGrath CPJ, Au WSW, Chan JSM, Fok MR, Ho CY, Mak CW, Wong KCK & Wong AKY. App-solutely fabulous! But are they effective for oral health promotion? A review and evaluation of oral self-care 'Apps'. In Community Health Project Report Series.1852013,pp.1-46.

Research Grants

Principal Investigator :

  1. 2013-: A randomized clinical trial on the effect of powered toothbrushing and an antimicrobial mouth rinse on dental plaque, pathogenic microorganisms and health of stroke survivors during rehabilitation. [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD685,165)
  2. 2010-2011: A spatial analysis of the “Children of 1997” birth cohort’s oral health – is it a ‘fat’ issue? [Seed Funding Programme for Basic Research] (HKD67,000)
  3. 2009-2011: A randomized clinical trial of the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea using oral appliances [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD566,820)
  4. 2005-2007: Inequalities in oral health and oral health care delivery in Hong Kong: an analysis of extant data [Health and Health Services Research Fund - Full Grants] (HKD186,629)
  5. 2005-2006: What happens to children's life quality when school dental services end, and can dental services safeguard it? [Incentive Award for RGC GRF Fundable But Not Funded Projects] (HKD30,000)
  6. 2004-2005: Malocclusion, orthodontic treatment and the life quality of children in Hong Kong [Incentive Award for RGC GRF Fundable But Not Funded Projects] (HKD30,000)
  7. 2003-2007: 'Bucked teeth' (severe incisor overjet), orthodontic corrective treatment and the life quality of children in China: a multi-centre cohort study [Small Project Funding] (HKD80,000)
  8. 2003-2004: Malocclusion, orthodontic treatment and the life quality of children in Hong Kong [Incentive Award for RGC GRF Fundable But Not Funded Projects] (HKD30,000)
  9. 2002-2003: An oral health status outcome measure for children: the Chinese version [Seed Funding Programme for Basic Research] (HKD50,000)
  10. 2000-2001: Patients' perceptions of recovery after third molar surgery - changes in life quality [Research Initiation Programme] (HKD86,500)

Co-Investigator :

  1. 2015-2017: Motivational interviewing in changing adolescents' oral health behaviors: Face-to-face individual counseling versus online groups [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD739,125) (with GAO Jennifer Xiaoli et al)
  2. 2014-: A randomized controlled trial of a laser-aided orthodontic treatment for patients with periodontitis [Health and Medical Research Fund - Full Grant] (HKD865,444) (with YANG Yan-Qi et al)
  3. 2014-: Evaluation of the implementation of caries prevention and management by caries risk assessment guideline: a pilot study [Small Project Funding] (HKD71,396) (with LEE, Gillian Hiu Man et al)
  4. 2014-: Stem cell approach for maxillary sinus grafting in atrophic maxilla [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD1,299,049) (with CHEUNG Lim K et al)
  5. 2013-: Motivational interviewing and interactive risk assessment in changing adolescents' oral health behaviours [Health and Medical Research Fund - Full Grant] (HKD765,692) (with GAO Jennifer Xiaoli et al)
  6. 2013-: Childhood risk factors for delayed eruption of permanent teeth [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD524,356) (with WONG Gloria H M et al)
  7. 2013-2015: Innovative Interventions to Elicit Positive Dental Health Behaviors in Preschool Children: a Randomized Controlled Trial [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD925,752) (with GAO Jennifer Xiaoli et al)
  8. 2012-: Health literacy and clinical communication: Global intersections in Asia [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD857,180) (with BRIDGES Susan et al)
  9. 2012-: Oral Health Promotion for and through Indonesian Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong [Health Care and Promotion Fund - Research Grant Projects] (HKD255,000) (with GAO Jennifer Xiaoli et al)
  10. 2012-: Implant supported facial prostheses for the treatment of craniofacial defects [S.K. Yee Medical Foundation - General Award] (HKD2,132,640) (with CHEUNG Lim K et al)

Honours and Awards

  1. Best Poster Award, Congress of the International Society for Oral Laser Applications, Beijing, China. An overview of the parameters of low-level diode laser therapy in orthodontic pain management. The 8th Congress of the International Society for Oral Laser Applications. 2014. REN C, McGrath CPJ & Yang Y.
  2. Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2014 The University of Hong Kong. 2014. Gao X, Lo ECM & McGrath CPJ.
  3. HKU Research Output Prize The University of Hong Kong. 2014. Gao X, McGrath CPJ & Yiu CKY.
  4. Best Oral Presentation. "Evidence-based dental education: A case study in clinical communication" 23rd SEAADE Annual Scientific Meeting. 2012. Cheng BSS, Bridges SM, Yiu CKY & McGrath CPJ.
  5. Travel Award - Awarded by The 10th Meeting of Consortium for Globalization of Chinese Medicine CGCM 2011, Shanghai, August 26-28, 2011 . 2011. Chen Y, Wong RWK, Seneviratne CJ, Hagg EUO & McGrath CPJ.
  6. Evaluation of oral hygiene interventions in patients following acute stroke/IADR Lion Dental Research Award: 89th General Session & Exhibition of the IADR, San Diego, Calif., USA, 2011 . 2011. Lam LT, McGrath CPJ, Samaranayake LP & Li LSW.
  7. Best Oral Paper - Co-author SEAADE Dental Education Research Competition, 21st Annual Scientific Meeting of SEAADE, Taipei, Taiwan. 2010. Yiu CKY, McGrath CPJ, Bridges SM, Corbet EF, Botelho MG, Dyson JE, Wong RWK & Chan LK.
  8. Du RY, McGrath C, Yiu CKY, King NM. Health-related and oral health-related quality of life among preschool children with cerebral palsy. Best Poster Presentation Conjoint scientific sessions – Faculty of Dentistry, the University of Hong –Peking University School of Stomatology, 16-17 November 2009. 2009. Du Y, McGrath CPJ, Yiu CKY & King NM.
  9. Patients’ Perceptions Regarding Microimplant as Anchorage in Orthodontics Outstanding Poster Award. Second International Conference on Evidence-based Advanced Dentistry, Conjoint Congress 2007. Hong Kong, China, 16 – 19 November, 2007. 2007. Lee TCK, Rabie ABM, Wong RWK & McGrath CPJ.

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