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Lam, Otto Lok Tao

Dr Lam, Otto Lok Tao

BSc (UVic), BDS (Hons) (HKU), MEd (UBC), PhD (HKU)

Title: Clinical Assistant Professor in Prosthodontics
Discipline area: Prosthodontics
Tel: 2859 0311
Research profiles: HKU Scholars Hub

Areas of Research Expertise

  1. Cerebrovascular disease
  2. Oral microbiology of medically compromised patients
  3. Oral health promotion
  4. Gerodontology
  5. Paleodontology

Faculty Research Group

Selected Latest Publications


  1. AB MALIK NB, Mohamad Yatim S, Lam OLT, Jin L & McGrath CPJ. Factors influencing the provision of oral hygiene care following stroke: an application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour. Disability and Rehabilitation 2018;40:889-893. doi:10.1080/09638288.2016.1277397
  2. DAI R, Lam OLT, Lo ECM, Li LSW & McGrath CPJ. Oral health-related quality of life in patients with stroke: a randomized clinical trial of oral hygiene care during outpatient rehabilitation. Scientific Reports 2017;7:7632. doi:10.1038/s41598-017-07666-y
  3. DAI R, Lam OLT, Lo ECM, Li L & McGrath CPJ. A randomized clinical trial of oral hygiene care programmes during stroke rehabilitation. Journal of Dentistry 2017;61:48-54. doi:10.1016/j.jdent.2017.04.001
  4. Schimmel M, Ono T, Lam OLT & Müller F. Oro-facial impairment in stroke patients. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 2017;44(4):313-326. doi:10.1111/joor.12486
  5. AB MALIK NB, Yatim SM, Lam OLT, Jin L & McGrath CPJ. Effectiveness of a web-based health education program to promote oral hygiene care among stroke survivors: randomized controlled trial. Journal of Medical Internet Research 2017;19(3):e87. doi:10.2196/jmir.7024
  6. AB MALIK NB, ZHANG J, Lam OLT, Jin L & McGrath CPJ. Effectiveness of computer-aided learning in oral health among patients and caregivers: a systematic review. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 2017;24(1):209-217. doi:10.1093/jamia/ocw045
  7. Shimada K, Chandler RE, Lam OLT, Tanaka T & Ward DJ. A new elusive otodontid shark (Lamniformes: Otodontidae) from the lower Miocene, and comments on the taxonomy of otodontid genera, including the 'megatoothed' clade. Historical Biology 2017;29(5):704-14. doi:10.1080/08912963.2016.1236795
  8. Pow EHN, Chen Z, Kwong DLW & Lam OLT. Salivary Anionic Changes after Radiotherapy for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: A 1-Year Prospective Study. PLOS ONE 2016;11:e0152817. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0152817
  9. Lam OLT, McMillan AS, Li LSW & McGrath CPJ. Oral health and post-discharge complications in stroke survivors. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 2016;43(3):238-40. doi:10.1111/joor.12352
  10. Lam OLT & Tsang PWK. Special edition on oral infections and microbiology. Dentistry Open Journal 2015;SE(2):Se1-Se4. doi:10.17140/DOJ-SE-2-e001

Research Grants

Principal Investigator :

  1. 2014-: A randomized clinical trial on the effect of a chlorine dioxide spray on dental plaque and respiratory pathogens in institutionalized elders [Early Career Scheme (ECS)] (HKD643,000)
  2. 2012-2014: Oral colonization by respiratory pathogens and associated risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia in an intensive care unit [Seed Funding Programme for Basic Research] (HKD119,843)

Co-Investigator :

  1. 2014-2016: Supporting BDS I student learning, a multilevel approach – defining the scope of PBL learning, peer created assessment for and of learning and support workshops [Teaching Development Grants] (HKD228,217) (with BOTELHO Michael G et al)
  2. 2013-: A randomized clinical trial on the effect of powered toothbrushing and an antimicrobial mouth rinse on dental plaque, pathogenic microorganisms and health of stroke survivors during rehabilitation. [General Research Fund (GRF)] (HKD685,165) (with MCGRATH, Colman Patrick et al)

Honours and Awards

  1. Postgraduate Research Output Prize 2012 (RPG category) The University of Hong Kong, the Committee of Research Management. 2012. Lam OLT.
  2. Evaluation of oral hygiene interventions in patients following acute stroke/IADR Lion Dental Research Award: 89th General Session & Exhibition of the IADR, San Diego, Calif., USA, 2011 . 2011. Lam LT, McGrath CPJ, Samaranayake LP & Li LSW.


  1. Editorial board (Journal of Dentistry and Oral Care) 2015
  2. Editorial Board (Dentistry - Open Journal) 2014
  3. Reviewer (Archives of Oral and Dental Research) 2014
  4. Editorial Board (Austin Journal of Dentistry) 2014

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