Academic Staff

Chan, Yu Ki

Dr Chan, Yu Ki

BSc, PhD(HK)

Title: Research Assistant Professor in Infection and Immunity
Discipline area: Applied Oral Sciences
Tel: 2859 0488
Research profiles: Scopus

Areas of Research Expertise

  1. Oral microbiome
  2. Oral microbial population biology
  3. Systems microbiology

Faculty Research Group

Selected Latest Publications


  1. HUO Y, Chan YK, Lacap-Bugler DC, Mo S, Woo PCY, Leung WK & Watt RM. Multilocus Sequence Analysis of Phylogroup 1 and 2 Oral Treponeme Strains. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2017;83:e02499-16. doi:10.1128/AEM.02499-16
  2. YU X, Chan YK, Zhuang LF, Lai HC, Lang NP, Lacap-Bugler DC, Leung WK & Watt RM. Distributions of Synergistetes in clinically-healthy and diseased periodontal and peri-implant niches. Microbial Pathogenesis 2015;. doi:10.1016/j.micpath.2015.11.029
  3. GAO W, Chan YK, Meng Y, Lacap-Bugler DC, Leung WK & Watt RM. In-depth snapshot of the equine subgingival microbiome. Microbial Pathogenesis 2015;. doi:10.1016/j.micpath.2015.11.002
  4. Chan YK, Ma PY, Lacap-Bugler DC, HUO Y, Leung WK, Leung FCC & Watt RM. Complete Genome Sequence for Treponema sp. OMZ 838 (ATCC 700772, DSM 16789), Isolated from a Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis Lesion. Genome Announcements 2014;2:e01333-14-e01333-14. doi:10.1128/genomeA.01333-14
  5. Lacap-Bugler DC, Jiang J, HUO Y, Chan YK, Leung FCC & Watt RM. Complete Genome Sequence of the Oral Spirochete Bacterium Treponema putidum Strain OMZ 758T (ATCC 700334T). Genome Announcements 2014;2:e01076-14-e01076-14. doi:10.1128/genomeA.01076-14
  6. Yung CCM, Chan YK, Lacap-Bugler DC, Perez-Ortega S, de los Rios-Murillo A, Lee CK, Cary SC & Pointing SB. Characterization of Chasmoendolithic Community in Miers Valley, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica. Microbial Ecology 2014;. doi:10.1007/s00248-014-0412-7

Honours and Awards

  1. Research Award in Periodontology and Microbiology, 29th Annual Scientific Meeting (2015) of the International Association for Dental Research, South-east Asian Division International Association for Dental Research South-east Asian Division. 2015. Watt RM, YU X, Chan YK & Leung WK.

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