Board of Undergraduate Studies

Membership :
Chairperson, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Education)
Professor G.S.P. Cheung
The Dean (Ex-officio)
Professor T.F. Flemmig
Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Education)
Dr K.E. Ahmed

Assistant Dean (Electives and Experiential Learning)
Dr J.K.H. Tsoi

Programme Directors :
Applied Oral Sciences
Professor M. Bornstein
Dental Public Health
Professor C. McGrath
Dr J.W.W. Chang
Operative Dentistry
Dr K.E. Ahmed
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Professor R.A. Zwahlen
Dr. M. Gu
Paediatric Dentistry
Dr H.M. Wong
Dr S.M.L. Lai
Professor M.F. Burrow
One representative from all BDS Year Directors elected by such Year Directors and approved by the Board of the Faculty
Dr M.G. Botelho
Admissions Tutor
Dr M.Y.Y. Leung
Director of Polyclinics
Professor W.K. Leung

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