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Welcome to the Student Resource Page for current Faculty students!

We are fortunate as students to be studying in one of the top dental schools in the world. To make your student experience more fulfilling, the Faculty has created this webpage to provide useful website/webpage links, as well as advice and answers to frequently asked questions by students.

Faculty undergraduates can e-mail me suggestions, requests, and recommendations for this site at justinachan.dentsoc@gmail.com. The Faculty also welcomes feedback and suggestions from postgraduate students and past students, who can e-mail the Knowledge Exchange Unit at dentke@hku.hk. All students are advised to join the Faculty Facebook group for real-time Faculty news and announcements.Good luck with your studies and time at the HKU Faculty of Dentistry!

Justina CY Chan (BDS I)

Executive Committee, Dental Society, HKUSU

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