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The University of Hong Kong is a leading Asian research-led university, and since its establishment in 1982 the Faculty of Dentistry has wholeheartedly pursued excellence in dental research. In 2004, the Faculty reviewed its research structures, with a view to developing an environment more conducive for research. As a result, the Faculty has recently centralised the management of its three research laboratories. The Faculty’s internal communication systems have been streamlined, and 24-hour access has been provided to all laboratories.

To enable Faculty staff and postgraduate students planning research projects or applying for grants to become more familiar with the laboratory equipment available, the function of each major piece of research equipment in the Faculty is listed here. The list also includes previous research projects that have utilized the equipment, gives related web information sources, and specifies the technician responsible for providing advice.

Queries on specific pieces of research equipment should be directed to the responsible technician(s), and general enquiries should be directed to the technical manager, Mr Tony Yuen (Tel: 2859 0377).

Dr Rory Watt
Associate Professor in Oral Biosciences
Director of the Central Research Laboratories

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