Biomedical and Tissue Engineering

Overview of Group Research Activities

The Biomedical and Tissue Engineering Research Group aims to bridge the gap between basic science research and its clinical application in the field of bone induction (stimulation of bone formation) and dental biomaterials.

Members of this research group come from various disciplines and specialties, including dental materials science, orthodontics, paediatric dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and oral radiology. Many members of the group have earned an international reputation. The group is supported by up-to-date laboratory and operative equipment, as well as extensive human resources.

Our principal research strength:

  • Dental biomaterials: the science and engineering aspects
  • Bone related studies: Growth factors regulating osteogenesis and Chinese medicine
  • Clinical implications: Innovative jaw reconstruction with microvascular prefabricated flaps
  • Distraction osteogenesis of cranio-maxillofacial region, and Oral Cancer
  • Enamel and dentine: bondings, mineralisations and regenerations
  • Tissue engineering: stem cells, scaffolds
  • 3-dimensional digital techniques: bioimaging, CAD/CAM, 3D printing, cephalometry and simulation
  • Nano: nanostructures and nanomaterials for dental applications e.g. implants
  • Medicine: Dental drugs and formulations

To receive further information or to enquire about collaborative research, please do not hesitate to contact the research group convenor, Dr J.K.H. Tsoi (e-mail: For a selection of recent research published by the Biomedical and Tissue Engineering Research Group, see our “Research Synopses“.

Members of Biomedical and Tissue Engineering Research Group

Group Convenor
Dr J.K.H. Tsoi

Deputy Convenor

Primary Members
Professor M. Bornstein
Professor M.F. Burrow
Professor G.S.P. Cheung
Dr W.W.S. Choi
Professor C.H. Chu
Dr W.L. Dissanayaka
Dr G. Fokas
Dr M. Gu
Dr H.H. Hamama
Dr A.B.C. Heng
Professor H.S. Jung
Dr W.Y.H. Lam
Dr M.Y.Y. Leung
Professor J.P. Matinlinna
Dr N. Mattheos
Dr L. Mei
Dr G. Pelekos
Dr R.Y.X. Su
Dr R. Tanaka
Professor P.J. Thomson
Dr J.K.H. Tsoi
Dr Y. Yang
Dr W.K. Yeung
Professor C.K.Y. Yiu
Professor C.F. Zhang
Dr J. Zhang
Dr L.W. Zheng
Professor R.A. Zwahlen

Affliated members
Dr D. Duangthip
Professor L.J. Jin
Dr G.H.M. Lee
Dr W.K. Luk
Dr P. Neelakantan
Dr R.M. Watt

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