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As its third mission in addition to Teaching/Learning and Research, Knowledge Exchange (KE) is defined by The University of Hong Kong as “the process of engaging—for mutual benefit—with business, government, or the community, to generate, acquire, apply, and make accessible the knowledge needed to enhance material, human, social, cultural, and environmental well-being”.Similarly, Knowledge Transfer is defined by the Hong Kong University Grants Committee as “the systems and processes by which knowledge—including technology, know-how, expertise, and skills—are transferred between higher education institutions and society, leading to innovative, profitable or economic or social improvements”. For more information on KE at HKU, please visit the HKU Knowledge Exchange website.

KE is an important element of the HKU Faculty of Dentistry’s fourth mission of “engagement”, and the Faculty is very keen to partner with non-university groups to improve oral health and well-being in Hong Kong and beyond. Please download our promotional flyer and contact us at if you are interested in initiating KE collaborations, including contract research, consultancies, health/education campaigns, internships, mentorships, research studentships, staff/student KE projects, and service projects.
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