Centre for Innovation in Dental Education (CIDE)

Professor Gary SP CheungWelcome to the HKU Faculty of Dentistry’s Centre for Innovation in Dental Education (CIDE)—the Faculty’s new flagship virtual-hub for curriculum innovation and research. The objective of CIDE is to encourage innovation and promote excellence in teaching and learning in dentistry. As a leader in dental education in Asia, the HKU Faculty of Dentistry continues to make strategic new appointments and to engage our academic staff in ongoing Faculty development as well as in the scholarship of teaching and learning. This can be seen, in particular, in the growth of University Teaching Development Grants and professional development initiatives as well as in dental education publications.

With the establishment of CIDE, the Faculty is able to focus innovation and crystallize multiple efforts in the ongoing improvement of teaching and learning at the Faculty, while making our findings, reports, and recommendations publicly accessible. We encourage colleagues in dental education to contribute to this site as a resource—not only for our own Faculty members, but as a hub for dental educators throughout Asia and beyond.

Professor Gary SP Cheung
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

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