Teaching Committees

Faculty Curriculum Development Committee:

Chairman, Associate Dean
(Undergraduate Education)
Professor G.S.P. Cheung
The Dean (ex-officio) Professor T.F. Flemmig
Associate Dean (Taught Postgraduate Education) (ex-officio) Dr. N. Mattheos
BDS Year Directors Vacant
TPG Programme Directors Dr. J.P. Matinlinna
Faculty representative on the Committee on English Language Enhancement Programmes Professor C.P.J. McGrath
Faculty representative on the Committee on Chinese Language Enhancement Programmes Dr. G.H.M. Lee
A representative from the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine Dr C.W. Cheung (Department of Anaethesiology)
One part-time teacher for UG and PG Vacant
One UG and one PG student representative Vacant

Undergraduate Programme Directors:

Dental Materials Science Dr J.P. Matinlinna
Dental Public Health Professor C.P.J. McGrath
Endodontics Dr J.W.W. Chang
Family Dentistry Dr. K.E. Ahmed
Operative Dentisry Dr C.H. Chu
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Professor R.A. Zwahlen
Oral Rehabilitation Dr K.C.M. Leung
Orthodontics Dr Y.Q. Yang
Paediatric Dentistry Dr G.H.M. Wong
Periodontology Dr S.M.L. Lai

Undergraduate Problem Development Groups:

BDS I Chair Dr R.M. Watt
BDS II Chair Professor C.P.J. McGrath
BDS III Chair Dr S.M.L. Lai
BDS IV Chair Dr C.H.L. Cheong
Reviewers Professor E.C.M. Lo
Dr E.H.N. Pow

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