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Postgraduate Research Studies (MPhil, PhD)

The research programme of the HKU Faculty of Dentistry is aligned with the newly established University Strategic Research Themes and covers a wide range of issues related to oral health. Our research groups are organised according to the following three themes:

Research in these three key areas is cross-disciplinary and performance-driven, and is supported by an outstanding infrastructure, which includes state-of-the-art central research laboratories and fully qualified technicians and support staff. Our researchers have an international reputation and have won awards for their research output and expert supervisory skills.

Applications are welcome from individuals wishing to pursue MPhil or PhD research studies. University graduates of any discipline can apply; enrolment is not limited to dental graduates. For suitable applicants, we award a limited number of postgraduate scholarships by competition. There is no restriction quota for self-funded students.

You may enrol either in one of our three multidisciplinary research groups , or in one of the Faculty’s 10 specialty-based research areas, which are outlined below. Potential applicants should visit the Faculty webpage http://facdent.hku.hk/index.php/prospective-students/rpg/ for application details.

Prof. Han-Sung Jung
Associate Dean for Research and Innovation

Specialty-based Research Areas

Dental Materials Science
Design and interpretation of test methods in dental materials science; adhesion promotion; saliva chemistry; mechanical properties of bio-materials; materials in dental technology; dental procedures, equipment and materials: chemistry, physics, and mechanics; computational chemistry in dental biomaterials.

RPG advisor: Professor J.P. Matinlinna
Tel: 2859 0380
Fax: 2548 9464
Email: jpmat@hku.hk

Dental Public Health
Epidemiological, health services, and behavioural research of oral health status and its determinants; clinical intervention studies of the prevention and treatment of common oral health problems and diseases; studies on oral health-related quality of life.

RPG advisor: Professor E.C.M. Lo
Tel: 2859 0292
Fax: 2858 7874
Email: edward-lo@hku.hk

Efficacy of root-canal preparation techniques; mechanical and fatigue properties of root-canal instruments; treatment outcomes of various forms of endodontic therapy; clinical and laboratory studies of endodontics restorative materials.

RPG advisor: Professor G.S.P. Cheung
Tel: 2859 0359
Fax: 2517 0544
Email: spcheung@hku.hk

Evidence based therapy; tissue integration of implants; biology of oral implants; clinical research.

RPG advisor: Dr N. Mattheos
Tel: (852) 2859 0310
Fax: (852) 2858 6114
E-mail: mattheos@hku.hk

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Cleft lip and palate; navigational surgery and implantology; biology of distraction osteogenesis and its application; 3D modeling in reconstructive surgery; minimal invasive surgery; 3D facial soft-tissue imaging; quality of life of oral cancer patients; micro-vascular and micro-newal.

RPG advisor: Professor R.A. Zwahlen
Tel: 2859 0269
Fax: 2559 9014
E-mail: zwahlen@hku.hk

Oral Biosciences
Molecular microbiology pertaining to oral microbiology and pathology; oral candidal infections; biofilm formation; clinical epidemiology of HIV infection; artificial mouth studies; cariology.

RPG advisors: Professor H.S. Jung
Tel.: 2859 0492
Fax: 2547 6133
E-mail: hsjung@hku.hk

Dr R.M. Watt
Tel.: 2859 0482
Fax: 2547 6133
E-mail: rmwatt@hku.hk

Oral Rehabilitation
Implantotlogy; health of the medically compromised patient; maxillofacial reconstruction; denture retention dental magnets; microbiology pathogenesis and management of temporomandibular disorders; quality-of-life measures in gerodotology; resin-bonded bridges; patient-based assessment of fixed and removable prosthodontic treatment; glass ionomer cements.

RPG advisor: Dr. E.H.N Pow
Tel: 2859 0309
Fax: 2858 6114
Email: ehnpow@hku.hk

Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics
Experimental studies of bone generation; growth modifi cations and growth factors regulating jaw growth; pidemiological studies of orofacial form; clinical and experimental evaluation of orthodontic treatment approaches; long-term follow-up of correction of class II malocclusion in young and adult patients; correction of pseudo-class III malocclusion. Quality of life related to malocculsion and orthodontic treatment.

RPG advisor: Dr. Yanqi Yang
Tel: (852) 2859 0252
Fax: (852) 2559 3803
E-mail: yangyanq@hku.hk

Paediatric Dentistry
Early childhood caries; dental anomalies; developmental defects of enamel; cleft lip and palate; remineralizing media; dentine bonding agents.

RPG advisor: Professor C.K.Y. Yiu
Tel: 2859 0256
Fax: 2559 3803
Email: ckyyiu@hkucc.hku.hk

Epidemiological; behavioural and clinical research on periodontal diseases and their prevention and management; basic research of periodontal microflora and host response in the local population.

RPG advisor: Professor W.K. Leung
Tel: (852) 2859 0417
Fax: (852) 28580 7874
E-mail: ewkleung@hkucc.hku.hk

General Enquiries for Postgraduate Research Studies:

Professor H.S. Jung (Associate Dean (Research and Innovation))
Tel: (852) 2859 0492; Fax: (852) 2858 7874; E-mail: hsjung@hku.hk

Professor J.P. Matinlinna (Chairman of Faculty Higher Degrees Committee)
Tel: (852) 2859 0380; Fax: (852) 2547 6133; E-mail: jpmat@hku.hk

Specific Enquiries for Postgraduate Research Studies:

Please visit this page, search for your key area of interest for your MPhil or PhD study, and contact the appropriate academic staff member pursuing research in that area.

Application Forms:

All applications should be submitted to the Online Application System. Please visit the website of the Graduate School at http://www.gradsch.hku.hk/gradsch/rola/online-application-for-mphil-phd-admission for application details.

Applications are welcome all year round.

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