Master of Science in Implant Dentistry

Course Aims

implant The Master of Science in Implant Dentistry is designed for general dental practitioners who wish to incorporate dental implants into their clinical practice and to develop clinical competences up to a straightforward level. The programme aims to provide general practitioners with confidence in patient selection, diagnosis, treatment planning, and execution of straightforward implant cases. Apart from developing a good understanding of the biological basis of implant dentistry, the programme will provide supervised clinical training to allow dentists to safely carry out the surgical and restorative procedures, as well as design and execute the maintenance of patients with dental implants.

Course Syllabus

implantAll the components of the course are compulsory. Emphasis is placed on practical training in diagnosis and treatment planning to allow safe and proper incorporation of implants into comprehensive dental care. The course includes the following:

  1. Clinical practicum and didactic components comprising basic sciences in relation to implant dentistry, diagnosis and treatment planning, imaging, patient selection, presurgical patient preparation, surgical aspects of implantology, restorative aspects of implantology, maintenance of implant-supported prostheses, maintenance of peri-implant health, diagnosis and management of peri-implant biological complications, laboratory techniques and CAD/CAM technology, research methods in implantology, advances in implant technology;
  2. Clinical paper or project report; and
  3. Directed self-study.
Programme Director General Enquiry Closing Date for Applications
Name: Dr N. Mattheos
Fax: (852) 2858 6114
Deputy Programme Director:
Name: Dr Edmond H.N. Pow
Fax: (852) 2858 6114
Name: Miss Hazel Leung
Fax: (852) 2517 0544
March 29, 2018
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Mode of Attendance: PT (2 years) (limited to local dentists)
Composition Fee : Please visit for details.

Entrance Requirements

  1. A BDS degree of this University or a degree or other qualification of equivalent standard from another university or comparable institution.
  2. License to practice dentistry in Hong Kong


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