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Research Academy – Core Module Hong Kong, in collaboration with the Osteology Foundation @ Prince Philip Dental Hospital
Jul 3 – Jul 6 all-day

The University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Dentistry in collaboration with the Osteology Foundation
Good Research Practice and Essentials of Research Methodology

The Core Module in Hong Kong is a one-week intensive course providing a comprehensive view on most of the aspects of pre-clinical and clinical studies required by young researchers for their daily work. The learning objectives of the course are:

  • Fundamentals of research in dental medicine
  • The process from posing of a scientific question to generating the answer
  • Selection of the suitable in-vitro, pre-clinical or clinical research approach
  • Selection of the appropriate analytical tools for data acquisition
  • Planning of a pre-clinical or clinical study within a research group using international networks
  • Analysis and critical interpretation of acquired data
  • Effective communication of findings and knowledge
  • E-learning lectures to prepare for the course

Please refer to programme flyer for details.

For details, please visit: Module site

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