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Engagement with Industry
Engagement with Industry
The University of Hong Kong (HKU) defines Knowledge Exchange (KE) as engaging, for mutual benefit, with business, government or the public to generate, acquire, apply and make accessible the knowledge needed to enhance material, human, social, cultural and environmental well-being. Through the patents and commercialization of innovations, the HKU Faculty of Dentistry is committed to translate the excellence in research into a contribution for global mankind, and to make a positive impact on society.
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Engagement with Industry
Issued patents / Published patent applications
IP00909 | Medical Filament for Targeting and Reducing Circulating Tumor Cells
Year: 2019
Inventors: Professor Peter James THOMSON, Dr. Tze Chuen NG
Patents: US Provisional Application No. 62/941,888

IP00903 | A Novel Antibacterial and Mineralizing Coating on Tooth Surfaces for Prevention of Dental Caries
Year: 2019
Inventors: Dr. Hai Ming WONG, Dr. Quan Li LI, Dr. Li ZHOU
Patents: US Provisional Application No. 62/950,236

IP00902 | Real-Time Gutta Percha (GP) Flow for Root Canal Therapy (RCT) in Endodontics Dentistry
Year: 2019
Inventors: Professor Cheng Fei ZHANG, Dr. Tze Chuen NG
Patents: US Application No. 16/655,590

IP00854 | Micro-/Nano-structured Anti-biofilm Surfaces for dental appliances
Year: 2019
Inventors: Professor Gary Shun Pan CHEUNG, Professor Zhiyong FAN, Dr. James Kit Hon TSOI, Dr. Xin LI, Dr. Kwong Hoi TSUI
Patents: US Provisional Application No. 62/833,871
PCT Application No. PCT/CN2020/084693

IP00666 | A compact Dental Robotic System
Year: 2019
Inventors: Dr. Edmond Ho Nang POW, Dr. Walter Yu Hang LAM, Dr. Zheng WANG, Dr. Jing LI, Dr. Zhong SHEN, Dr. Richard Tai Chiu HSUNG
Patents: US Provisional Application No. 62/799,460
PCT Application No. PCT/CN2020/073738

IP00656 | NJ Toothbrush
Year: 2017
Inventors: Professor Lijian JIN, Dr. Tze Chuen NG
Patents: US Provisional Application No. 62/454,427
PCT Application No. PCT/CN2018/075090
PRC Application No. 201880010233.6
EP Application No. 18748339.1
US Application No. 16/483,324

IP00615 | Novel Use of Cubic Corner as a Stereotactic Surgical Registration and Guidance with Automatic Registration
Year: 2017
Inventors: Dr. Walter Yu Hang LAM, Dr. Richard Tai Chiu HSUNG, Dr. Henry Wai Kuen LUK, Dr. Edmond Ho Nang POW, Dr. Henry Yuk Tung NGAN
Patents: PCT Application No. PCT/CN2017/074580
PRC Application No. 201780087268.5

IP00569 | New Electroconductive and Anti-bacterial Composite Material for Endodontic Use
Year: 2016
Inventors: Dr. Fabio SAVOLDI, Professor Pekka Jukka MATINLINNA, Dr. James Kit Hon TSOI, Professor Corrado PAGANELLI, Professor Luca VISCONTI, Dr. Giovan RASIA DAL POLO
Patents: PCT Application No. PCT/CN2016/101434
PRC Application No. 201680089890.5
EP Application No. 16918132.8 2016-10
US Application No. 16/339,961
Engagement with Industry
Startup / Spin-off Companies
The start-up “Levobio Ltd” is a new, energetic company that aims to develop biomimetic and bioinspired medical and dental materials, with the absence of harmful components such as “BPA” and “heavy metal”. (TSSSU@HKU recipient since from 2019)

Digident AI
DigiDent AI Limited is being established in Hong Kong offering superior technology solutions in dentistry including the design of fixed prosthesis. Dental laboratories and the industry have long since been encountered problems related to accuracy, sensitivity and robustness of the stone moulds, the working flow is tedious, labour and cost consuming. By contrast, DigiDent AI Limited is pioneering a software approach based on machine learning algorithms with learning each patient and compiling with materials selection, to achieve the full-automatic design of dental prosthesis with high accuracy, reduced time and labour. (TSSSU@HKU recipient since from 2018)
Engagement with Industry
More about the licensing and technology start-up opportunities:
Assistant Dean (Electives and Experiential Learning), Faculty of Dentistry
Dr James Tsoi
Technology Transfer Office (HKU)
“Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities” (TSSSU), provided by the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC)
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