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HKU Faculty of Dentistry Collaborated with TWGHs in Kindergarten Oral Health Program
May 2018
The Faculty organized "TWGHs Kindergarten Oral Health Program" in cooperation with the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGHs) during 2017-2018. By having a comprehensive caries management through dental check-up a school-based setting, we hoped to improve children's oral health situation, assess and gather information of the impact of children's oral health-related quality of life.
Dentists of the Faculty visited 16 TWGHs kindergartens to perform basic oral examination and preventive treatment by using silver diamine fluoride in order to reduce the development of tooth decay among children. Oral health reports were distributed to all students who have completed the oral examination. A set of questionnaire on Early Childhood Oral Health Impact Scale was distributed to each participant's parents to assess if there were changes on their oral health-related quality of life before and after the dental check-up. Apart from oral check-up, parents were invited to attend parents talk hosted by dentists, as to transfer more important knowledge about the oral health of young children.
Within HKU, the Faculty of Dentistry also cooperated with the Faculty of Education to hold a one-day "TWGHs Kindergarten Teachers Seminar and Workshop". The event focused on preschool children's common oral diseases, oral health care, speech and sound development of preschool children. Speakers of the teacher seminar included Professor Edward Lo, Chair Professor of Dental Public Health of Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Anita Wong, Associate Professor of Faculty of Education, Director of Clinical Education and Ms Cecilia Au. Through interactive session of teacher workshop, teachers were able to gain knowledge of oral care products, differentiate between high erosion beverages and low erosion beverages, and speech production. The workshop empowered the teachers to transfer such knowledge to the preschool children. The result of this program would be used as evidence for planning future oral health programs among young children. The program was supported by the HKU Knowledge Exchange Fund 2017/18. More details can be obtained from the Faculty External Relations and Knowledge Exchange Unit or via email to:
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