• Date12 MAY 2022
  • Time07:00 PM HKT (GMT+8)
  • VenueZOOM
Webinar Speaker

Dr Kelvin Wen-Chung Chang
Chairman of Education Committee, Taiwan Association of Orthodontists
Vice Chairman of Academic Committee, Taiwan Association of Orthodontists
Associate Editor, APOS Trends in Orthodontics
Advisor, World Implant Orthodontic Association
Adjunct Clinical Instructor, Orthodontic Department, National Taiwan University Hospital


The first step of treating open bite malocclusion is to determine whether the bite deformity is of dental or skeletal origin. With the assistance of skeletal anchorage devices, some skeletal open bite malocclusions can be treated without surgery. Besides the improvement of the dental problems, some of the Class II facial appearance could be changed via the counter-clockwise rotation of the mandible, accompanied by the intrusion of molars.

However, this vertical problem (anterior open bite) could be seen in all types of malocclusion from class I to class III. Can we treat this vertical problem with one single protocol in patients with different sagittal jaw relationship? Besides the jaw relationship, there are usually more than one dental problem existed in one patient, like crowding or protrusion. What’s the correlation of each solution to those different dental problems?

To improve the efficacy and efficiency for this clinical difficulty, it is crucial to differentiate where the offending site locates: upper or lower; anterior or posterior. Then a solution of anterior extrusion or posterior intrusion can be delivered properly according to the corresponding dentoalveolar problems. Various types of malocclusion and difficulties will be discussed, then their treatment modalities will be introduced in this lecture.

About Speaker

Dr Chang obtained his DDS at the National Taiwan University and Certificate of Orthodontics at the National Taiwan University Hospital. He is the Chairman of Education Committee since 2021 and was the Chairman of Academic Committee from 2016-2020 for the Taiwan Association of Orthodontists. He is the Advisor of the World Implant Orthodontic Association since 2016 and an Adjunct Clinical Instructor of the Orthodontic Department in the National Taiwan University Hospital since 2004. Dr Chang also has a private practice in Hsinchu, Taiwan since 2007. Dr Chang’s research interests include biomechanics, TADs application, interdisciplinary treatment, aesthetic dentistry, and digital orthodontics.

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Dr Yanqi Yang
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Faculty of Dentistry, The University of Hong Kong