Summer 2022 Issue


Professor Thomas Flemmig
Professor May Wong
Dr Duangporn Duangthip
Dr James Tsoi
Dr Richard Su
Professor Cynthia Yiu
Dr Mike Leung
Visit of Dental Council Representatives

The tour and meeting foster understanding and communication, especially on BDS learning under the pandemic. The Faculty is committed to providing excellent dental training despite the challenges.

Professor Thomas Flemmig Dean of HKU Faculty of Dentistry Read More
Serving IADR-SEA Division Council

I am blessed to have the support from the members of the IADR-SEA Division Council and their confidence in me as the elected President

Professor May Wong Professor in Dental Public Health Read More
KE Excellence Award

We are the top contributors regarding the SDF research, reporting the highest number of SDF research publications. We also lead the way in citations and productivity

Dr Duangporn Duangthip Senior Clinical Practitioner in Cariology Read More
Silver Medal Invention

Most people think the Faculty only provides teaching and patient care. Whereas, we are also dedicated to inventing and innovating for society

Dr James Tsoi Associate Professor in Dental Materials Science Read More
Oral Cancer Prediction

While the web tool has been found promising based on our validation exercises, users should know that it is still primarily a research-based tool and requires further prospective optimization

Dr Richard Su Clinical Associate Professor in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Read More
Mussel in Mouth, Not for Eating

Our research aimed to understand the adhesive properties of the compounds from mussels, which may improve the durability and longevity of dental fillings

Professor Cynthia Yiu Clinical Professor in Paediatric Dentistry Read More
Facial Asymmetry Causes TMD

The surgical correction of facial asymmetry allows a normalised masticatory function and a corrected bite, and now we prove it also helps in treating TMDs

Dr Mike Leung Clinical Associate Professor in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Read More
Dean's Message
Ensure Proper Clinical Operations

Working with all stakeholders, we quickly revised the already enhanced infection control protocols, implemented a comprehensive COVID-19 surveillance for all staff and students, and held nightly clinic conferences to determine the staffing of the various clinics for the following day. This flexible day-by-day planning during the height of the 5th wave allowed us to largely maintain the clinical education of our BDS and TPg students and provide continuity of care to patients.

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Professor Thomas Flemmig
From Recognition to 40th Anniversary

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