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Professor Chen, Hui  portrait
Faculty Staff
Professor Chen, Hui
BDS, MDS (Shanghai Jiao Tong); PhD, DClinDent (Sydney); MRACDS(Prosthodontics)
General Information
Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Education)
Clinical Assistant Professor in Restorative Dental Sciences
Restorative Dental Sciences
Phone Number
2859 0567
Research profile
Research Theme
Population Oral Health
Areas of Research Expertise
Dental implant rehabilitation and cognition
Bone regeneration
Digital dentistry
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  1. Lee Ka Yi, Chan Charlotte Cheuk Kwan, Yip Ching, Li Joyce Tin Wing, Hau Cheuk Fung, Poon Sarah Suen Yue, Chen Hui Min, Li Kar Yan, Burrow Michael Francis, Wong Gloria Hoi Yan, Kwong Elaine Yee Lan, Chen Hui. Association between tooth loss-related speech and psychosocial impairment with cognitive function: A pilot study in Hong Kong's older population, Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 2024; doi:10.1111/joor.13718
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  14. Chen Hui, Xu Xinchen, Liu Min, Zhang Wen, Ke Hua zhu, Qin An, Tang Tingting, Lu Eryi. Sclerostin antibody treatment causes greater alveolar crest height and bone mass in an ovariectomized rat model of localized periodontitis, Bone 2015; 76: 141-148 doi:10.1016/j.bone.2015.04.002
  15. Xu Xin-chen, Chen Hui, Zhang Xi, Zhai Zan-jing, Liu Xu-qiang, Qin An, Lu Er-yi. Simvastatin prevents alveolar bone loss in an experimental rat model of periodontitis after ovariectomy, Journal of Translational Medicine 2014; 12(1): article no. 284-article no. 284 doi:10.1186/s12967-014-0284-0
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  1. Chen H, Sa Y, Ye S, Yang J.W., Ji CHAO. Abcd Principles For Single Implant Placement And Restoration In The Aesthetic Zone. Shenyang, PR China: Liaoning Science and Technology Publishing House; 2022.
  1. 2022: Edited book (as editor). Abcd Principles For Single Implant Placement And Restoration In The Aesthetic Zone.
Knowledge Exchange
  1. 01 August 2023: Chen Hui. Article published on Ming Pao.
  2. 08 July 2023: Chen Hui. Opinion Article: As Hong Kong’s population ages, attention to oral health will go a long way.
  3. 06 October 2021: Chen Hui. HKDA/The University of Hong Kong Dental Alumni Association Symposium.
Invited Lectures and Keynote Speeches
  1. 01 November 2021: Finesse in Implant Dentistry – Methods of retention of prostheses. Hong Kong Dental Association/The University of Hong Kong Dental Alumni Association Symposium (2011).
HKU Committee Appointments
  1. 17 April 2024-30 June 2024: Disciplinary Committee. Teacher Panel
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