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Incoming Electives
Guidelines for Incoming Electives
Applications from dental students who wish to spend an elective period in the Faculty of Dentistry are considered in the light of the applicant’s previous experience as an undergraduate, the proposed area of study, and the capacity of the Faculty to accept the applicant for the chosen period.
In each case applications should be endorsed by the Dean of the applicant’s dental school or another nominated responsible person. Elective studentships are approved for periods normally between one and two weeks. Opportunities for elective study during the months of July and August may be limited.
Non-local students who have been admitted for an elective programme at the Faculty of Dentistry are required to apply for a student visa. In general, the HK Immigration Department takes around 6-8 weeks to process student visa applications.Students should send their visa application documents to CEDARS.
  1. Elective students work under the supervision of a nominated full time teacher in the Dental Faculty, who is responsible for arranging the study programme.
  2. There are no formal provisions, at present, for visiting elective students to undertake tasks which involve patient treatment and clinical care.
  3. It is not usually possible to arrange programmes involving work of a specialised nature which does not fall within the Faculty’s existing activities.
  4. No fee is charged for elective periods of study, and no stipend is paid to the student.
  5. The University is NOT responsible for obtaining accommodation for students who should, if possible, make their own arrangements with friends, family, etc. in Hong Kong. If satisfactory arrangements cannot be made for an applicant’s accommodation, he/she will not be accepted for an elective attachment.
  6. Accommodation may occasionally be available in a University hall of residence. Further information may be obtained from:
    Centre of Development and Resources for Students – Campus Life
    The University of Hong Kong
    Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong
    Tel: (852) 2859 2305
    Fax: (852) 2546 0184
  7. An applicant should have sufficient finances to cover expenses during the period in Hong Kong.
  8. Elective students are strongly advised to arrange medical insurance cover for the period of their stay in Hong Kong, as the University itself cannot undertake to provide medical care.
  9. Applications should be made by completing Parts I and II of the attached application form (document D.87/104: Appendix A) and return to:
    Dr James Tsoi
    The University of Hong Kong
    Faculty of Dentistry
    Prince Philip Dental Hospital
    34 Hospital Road
    Hong Kong
    Fax: (852) 2858 6114
  10. A copy of your protocol should be sent with the application form if you plan to conduct a small research project in Hong Kong during your elective study.
    Download Application for Elective Study
  11. Overseas students should apply for their elective study at least 6 months ahead of their proposed date of visit because it takes time to find a supervising teacher and student visa application.
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