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Research Facilities
Learn about the research facilities in the Faculty
Research Facilities
Clinical Research Centre
The establishment of the Clinical Research Centre (CRC) is to foster clinical innovation, capture the potential for translational and clinical research in Asia and the Pacific Rim, and enhance the competitiveness of the Faculty for external funding from government and industry.
The Centre will serve as a core facility to facilitate translational and clinical research, complementing the Central Research Laboratory (CRL) which serves mainly basic research activities. The centre is located on the 5/F of the Prince Philip Dental Hospital. The new facility is slated to further enhance the Faculty’s research capacities.
  • 4 dental units in the Treatment Area
  • Operation Room
  • Patient Registration and Sampling Area
  • Image Analysis Centre
  • Data Centre
  • Biological/Biological Devices Storage and Dispensing Room
  • Sterilisation Room
For general enquiries, you may contact us by email (
Research Facilities
Central Research Laboratories
Since its establishment in 1982, the HKU Faculty of Dentistry has wholeheartedly pursued excellence in dental research. The HKU Faculty of Dentistry operates a ‘centralized’, open-access, set of ‘wet lab’ and ‘dry lab’ research laboratories, which are collectively referred to as the Central Research Laboratories (CRL). The component laboratories of the CRL are located on the 5/F and 7/F of the Prince Philip Dental Hospital. The CRL has a dedicated team of highly-trained technical staff who maintain and operate the CRL facilities/equipment, and aid staff and students with their research activities.
To enable HKU staff and (postgraduate) students who are planning research projects or are applying for grants become more familiar with the items of laboratory equipment available for use in the CRL, a brief description of the functions/specifications of each major piece of research equipment is listed below - in 6 different categories, which may be viewed using the pull-down menu. Details of relevant internet-based resources are listed for the respective items of equipment, along with the name(s) of the technician(s) in charge of their use.
Queries on specific pieces of research equipment should first be directed to the responsible technician(s). General enquiries may also be directed to, who can help connect potential users with the relevant technical staff.

The Human Bone Collection
This "Collection" comprises of human skulls and skeletons, and is dedicated for teaching and research purposes. Please find further information, and also guidelines for the application of its usage in the link provided below.
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Equipment Category
Atomic Force Microscopy, Dimension Edge with ScanAsyst (Bruker Corporation)
ICP-OES spectrometer for elemental solution analysis
Laser Ablation System, LSX-213 G2, (Teledyne CETAC Technologies)
Universal Testing Instrument, ElectroPuls E3000 (INSTRON)
Surface Roughness Tester, Surtronic 3+ (Taylor Hobson)
Thermo-Cycling Machine (Custom Make)
Toothbrush Tester (Custom Make)
High Temperature Furnace XD1700M (Brother)
Real-Time PCR System, StepOne™ & StepOnePlus™ (Applied Biosystems)
Thermal Cycler, Veriti® 96-Well Thermal Cycler (Applied Biosystems)
Gel Imaging System, Molecular Imager ChemiDoc XRS+ System with GS-800 Calibrated Densitometer (Bio-Rad)
Spectrophotometer, NanoDrop 2000c (Thermo Scientific)
Microplate Reader, VICTOR3 (PerkinElmer)
2D-Gel Electrophoresis system, PROTEAN IEF Cell (Bio-Rad)
Chromatography System, ÄKTA™ purifier 10 (GE Healthcare)
Chromatography System, ÄKTA™ prime plus (GE Healthcare)
Chromatography Systems, High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography System (WATERS)
Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope, FLUOVIEW FV1000 (Olympus)
Vacuum Concentrator, SpeedVac Concentrator SAVANT ISS110 (Thermo Scientific)
Freeze Dry System, FreeZone 4.5 Liter Benchtop Freeze Dry System (Labconco)
Ultrasonic Processor, Vibra-Cell (Sonics & Materials, Inc)
Thermal Mixer, Eppendorf ThermoMixer® C (Eppendorf)
Flow Cytometer, FACSVerse (BD Biosciences)
Inverted Microscope, Eclipse TE2000-S (Nikon Instruments, Inc)
Microplate Reader, SpectraMax M2 & M2e Multi-Mode Microplate Reader (Molecular Devices)
Spectrophotometer, DU 730 Life Science UV/Vis Spectrophotometers (Beckman Coulter)
Forma Anaerobic Chamber (Thermo Scientific)
Spiral Plating System, Autoplate® 4000 & Autoplate® AP5000 (Advanced Instruments, Inc.)
Electroporator, MicroPulser™ Electroporator (Bio-Rad)
Multi-station 'Artificial Mouth' Culture System
SEM - A variable pressure SEM for topography imaging of various materials
Vacuum Freeze-Dryer, ES-2030 Freeze Dryer (HITACHI)
Magnetron Ion Sputter Device (IXRF Systems)
X-Ray Microtomography System, SkyScan 1172 (SkyScan)
Tissue Processor, Excelsior™ ES Tissue Processor (Thermo Scientific)
Sectioning System, IsoMet 5000 Linear Precision Saw (Buehler)
Rotary Microtome, Leica RM2155 (Leica Microsystems)
Polycut E/ Ultramiller SM2500 E (Leica Microsystems)
Ultramicrotome, Reichert Ultracut S (Leica Microsystems)
Polarizing Microscope, ECLIPSE LV100POL (Nikon Instruments, Inc)
Image Processing, Qwin Image Analyzer (Leica Microsystems)
Inverted Microscope, Eclipse Ti (Nikon Instruments, Inc)
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Faculty Instagram page Faculty Facebook page Twitter Facebook page Faculty LinkedIn page Faculty YouTube page
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