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Dr Li, Xuan
BEng, MMed (SWJTU); PhD (HK)
General Information
Post-doctoral Fellow in Nanomedicine for Oral/Periodontal Care
Periodontology & Implant Dentistry
Research profile
Research Theme
Craniofacial Regeneration
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  1. Lan XM, Zhong J, Huang R, Liu YH, Ma XW, Li X, Zhao D, Qing GC, Zhang YX, Liu L, Wang JJ, Ma X, Luo T, Guo WS, Wang YJ, Li LL, Su YX, Liang XJ. Conformation Dependent Architectures of Assembled Antimicrobial Peptides with Enhanced Antimicrobial Ability, Advanced Healthcare Materials 2023; doi:10.1002/adhm.202301688
  2. Wang Leilei, Wang Chuan, Li Xuan, Tao Zhuoying, Zhu Wangyong, Su Yuxiong, Choi Wing Shan. Melatonin and erastin emerge synergistic anti-tumor effects on oral squamous cell carcinoma by inducing apoptosis, ferroptosis, and inhibiting autophagy through promoting ROS, Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2023; 28(1) doi:10.1186/s11658-023-00449-6
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  5. Li X, Wang C, WANG L, HUANG R, Li W, Wang X, Wong SSW, Cai Z, Leung KCF, Jin L. A glutathione-responsive silica-based nanosystem capped with in-situ polymerized cell-penetrating poly(disulfide)s for precisely modulating immuno-inflammatory responses, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2022; 614: 322-336 doi:10.1016/j.jcis.2022.01.091
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  9. Li X, Huang R, Tang FK, Li WC, Wong SSW, Leung KCF, Jin L. Red-Emissive Guanylated Polyene-Functionalized Carbon Dots Arm Oral Epithelia against Invasive Fungal Infections, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2019; 11: 46591-46603 doi:10.1021/acsami.9b18003
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Conference Paper
  1. Huang R, Li X, Leung CFK, Jin L. Ultrasound-assisted synthesis of bismuth-metal organic frameworks for suppressing Porphyromonas gingivalis, Journal of Dental Research (Spec Issue) 2021; 100(Spec Iss A): presentation ID 2109-presentation ID 2109
  2. Li X, HUANG R, Fang FK, Li WC, Wong SSW, Leung CFK, Jin L. Oral epithelia enhanced by red-emitting amphotericin b-conjugated carbon dots perturb the adherence and invasion of Candida albicans, The 11th World Biomaterials Congress (WBC 2020) 2020;
  3. HUANG R, Li X, Leung CFK, Jin L. Antibiotic-free, bismuth-doped carbon dots for suppression on P. gingivalis, The 11th World Biomaterials Congress (WBC 2020) 2020;
  4. Wang C, Li X, Cheng T, Jin L. Metronidazole-tolerant Porphyromonas gingivalis persisters dampen cytokine expression in HGECs, Journal of Dental Research (Spec Issue) 2019; 98(Spec Iss A): abstract no. 2313-abstract no. 2313
PG Thesis
  1. Li Xuan Mesoporous silica nanoparticle-encapsulated antimicrobials and Chinese herbal extracts : controlling oral microbes, modulating immuno-inflammatory response & perspectives[PG Thesis]. Pokfulam, Hong Kong: The University of Hong Kong; 2017.
Professional Societies
  1. 06/2020-06/2023: MRSC. Royal Society of Chemistry.
  1. Project Title: Novel injectable hydrogels encapsulated with bismuth-doped carbon dots-based nanomedicine for periodontal treatment and healthcare via antimicrobial & immuno-modulatory approaches
    Grant Type: External Grant
    Funding Year: 2020
    Amount: HKD1090248
    Principal Investigator: Dr Li, Xuan
    Co-investigator(s): Dr Cheng Tianfan, Dr Yu Xiaolin, Dr Wong Sze Wah Sarah, Dr Leung Ken Cham-fai, Dr Lan Xinmiao, Professor Jin Lijian
  2. Project Title: A pioneering study on nano-reinforced multifunctional ‘barrier’ of human gingival epithelia loaded with nanoparticles-based antimicrobials and immunoinflammatory modulators
    Grant Type: External Grant
    Funding Year: 2018
    Amount: HKD1356480
    Principal Investigator: Professor Jin, Lijian
    Co-investigator(s): Dr Leung Ken Cham-fai, Dr Li Xuan
Invited Lectures and Keynote Speeches
  1. 31 July 2020: Nano-based drug delivery system for oral/periodontal healthcare: An update and perspective. 1st ‘Young Researchers Forum of IADR - Asia Pacific Region’.
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