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Dr Lam, Walter Yu Hang portrait
Faculty Staff
Dr Lam, Walter Yu Hang
BDS, MDS (Pros), AdvDip Prosth (HKU), FHKAM (Dent Surg), FCDSHK (Pros); MFDS (RCSEd and RCPSG), FDS (RCSEd and RCPSG), MPros RCSEd, FRACDS
General Information
Clinical Assistant Professor in Prosthodontics
Restorative Dental Sciences
Phone Number
2859 0306
Research Theme
Clinical Artificial Intelligence
Areas of Research Expertise
Artificial Intelligence
Digital Dentistry
CAD/CAM Dentistry
Robotic Dentistry
Advanced Sorting
  1. Chawhuaveang DD, Yu OY, Yin IX, Lam WYH, Mei ML, Chu CH. Acquired salivary pellicle and oral diseases: A literature review, Journal of Dental Sciences 2021; 16(1): 523-529 doi:10.1016/j.jds.2020.10.007
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Conference Paper
  1. Botelho MG, Lam YH. An RCT Comparing Molar Two-and Three-unit RBBs, IADR/AADR/CADR 2019 General Session & Exhibition 2019;
  2. Li J, Lam YHW, Hsung TC, Pow EHN, Wu C, Wang Z. Control and Motion Scaling of A Compact Cable-driven Dental Robotic Manipulator, The IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (AIM) 2019;
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  5. Botelho MG, Lam YH. RCT comparing molar two and three-unit RBBs – interim findings, IADR/PER 96th General Session & Exhibition 2018; Presentation ID: 2521-Presentation ID: 2521
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Honours and Awards
  1. 2019. Lam YHW, Chu CH, Leung MYY, Ho KL, Duangthip D, Gao S, Chen J. Faculty Knowledge Exchange (KE) Awards - Faculty of Dentistry: Smiley action day: Empowering non-profit organisation & engaging community to enhance oral health with the utilization of mobile dental services: The University of Hong Kong.
  2. 2018. YON JY, Lam YHW, Tsoi KH. The Jonathan Ship Award: IADR Geriatric Oral Research Group.
  3. 2015. Botelho MG, Chan AWK, Lam YH, Leung NCH. Oral Presentation, Best paper in Prosthodontics: IADR SEA 29th Annual Scientific Meeting.
Knowledge Exchange
  1. 25 October 2019: Yu Yee Tak Esther, Lam Cindy Lo Kuen, Tse Tsui Yee Emily, Wong Carlos King Ho, Bedford Laura Elizabeth, Fong Yuk Fai Ben, Yim Wing Yee, Liu Sze Nga Kiki, Lam Yu Hang Walter. 健康講座:「如何保持牙齒健康?」.
  2. 30 September 2019: Lam Yu Hang Walter, Chu Chun Hung, Leung Mike Yiu Yan, Ho King Lun, Duangthip Duangporn. 2019/20 KE Impact Project Funding: KE-IP-2019/20-14: Evaluating the Impact of the Mobile Dental Service Program on Community Residents ($100,000).
  3. 01 July 2019: Lam Yu Hang Walter, Chu Chun Hung, Leung Mike Yiu Yan, Ho King Lun, Duangthip Duangporn, Sherry S. Gao , Kitty J. Y. Chen . Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2019 (Faculty of Dentistry) for ‘Smiley Action Day: Empowering non-profit organisation & Engaging Community to Enhance oral health with the utilization of mobile dental services’ (team award).
  4. 01 September 2018: Ho King Lun, Lam Yu Hang Walter, Chu Chun Hung, Leung Mike Yiu Yan, Duangthip Duangporn. 2018/19 KE Impact Project Funding: KE-IP-2018/19-28: Assessing the impact and potential for scale-up of the community outreach dental service program on partnered NGO and community residents ($100,000).
  5. 04 May 2017: Gu Min, Lam Yu Hang Walter. Introduction of braces.
  6. 04 May 2017: Yang Yanqi, Gu Min, Lam Yu Hang Walter. Interview with iCable on "3D scanning technology and aesthetic orthodontics" .
  1. Project Title: Artificial Intelligence-Design of Maxillary Single-tooth Dental Prostheses
    Grant Type: General Research Fund (GRF)
    Funding Year: 2021
    Amount: HKD945740
    Principal Investigator: Dr Lam, Yu Hang Walter
    Dr Koohi-Moghadam Mohamad, Dr Luk Wai Kuen, Professor McGrath Colman, Dr Tsoi Kit Hon, Professor Wang Wen Ping
  2. Project Title: A proof of concept for all-ceramic Zirconia resin bonded bridges for short span missing teeth
    Grant Type: Seed Fund for Basic Research
    Funding Year: 2015
    Amount: HKD43000
    Principal Investigator: Dr Botelho, Michael George
    Co-investigator(s): Professor Lo Edward Chin Man, Dr Lam Yu Hang Walter
HKU Committee Appointments
  1. 05 August 2016-04 August 2020: Faculty of Dentistry, Board of the. The teachers who are members of the Faculty and who are full-time employees of the University
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