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Professor Huang, Shi  portrait
Faculty Staff
Professor Huang, Shi
PhD (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)
General Information
Assistant Professor in Microbiology
Applied Oral Sciences & Community Dental Care
Phone Number
2859 0572
Research profile
Research Theme
Microbiome Innovation
Areas of Research Expertise
Metagenomics method development
Human microbiome association with chronic diseases
Adaptive co-evolution of probiotics and native gut microbiome
Machine learning applications in microbiome data
Advanced Sorting
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Conference Paper
  1. Huang Shi, Zhang Yufeng, Liu Jiang, Wang Xiuping, Zhou Lisa, Wang Shi. IDDF2023-ABS-0267 Strain-resolved taxonomic profiling and functional prediction of human microbiota using Strain2bFunc, International Digestive Disease Forum (10/06/2023-11/06/2023, Hong Kong) 2023; A120-A123 doi:10.1136/gutjnl-2023-IDDF.106
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  1. 2023: Editor. mSystems.
  2. 2022: Youth editor. iMeta.
  3. 2022: Youth editor. The Innovation.
  4. 2022: Associate Editor. Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology.
Knowledge Exchange
  1. 10 July 2023: Huang Shi. Seminar: "The spatiotemporal dynamics of oral microbiome and its impact on oral and gastrointestinal diseases" delivered by Prof. Xu, Zech Zhenjiang from Nanchang Univ, China .
  2. 22 February 2023: Huang Shi. Seminar: "Small molecules from the oral microbiome" delivered by Dr. Tang Xiaoyu from Shenzhen Bay Lab, China.
  1. Project Title: Discovering Microbial Features for Oral Cancer Diagnosis and Prediction
    Grant Type: Health and Medical Research Fund 2021
    Funding Year: 2022
    Amount: HKD1499864
    Principal Investigator: Professor Huang, Shi
    Co-principal investigator(s): Dr Liu Pei, Professor Su Yuxiong, Professor Khoo Ui Soon Co-investigator(s): Dr Koohimoghadam Mohamad
  2. Project Title: ASM Microbe 2023
    Grant Type: Conference Support for Teaching Staff
    Funding Year: 2022
    Amount: HKD16500
    Principal Investigator: Dr Huang, Shi
  3. Project Title: Discovering Microbial Features for Oral Cancer Diagnosis and Prediction
    Grant Type: Seed Fund for Basic Research for New Staff
    Funding Year: 2021
    Amount: HKD150000
    Principal Investigator: Dr Huang, Shi
    Co-investigator(s): Dr Koohi-Moghadam Hongzhe, Dr Liu Pei, Professor Su Yuxiong, Professor Khoo Ui Soon
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